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IMPERIAL JADE JEWEL for Barbara Hutton Princess Mdivani

Barbara first married with Prince Alexis Mdivani, wore the necklace of imperial jade at NY, see picture left with jade earrings, a ruby and diamond bracelet of French manufacture and other of her jewels.

During her lifetime she had amassed a remarkable collection of jewellery. The few pieces that one is able to identify as part of her vast collection are a tribute to a lady with a great sense of beauty and style.

The Highly Important Jadeite Bead, Ruby and Diamond Necklace, circa 1933 was made by Cartier.
Composed of twenty-seven graduated jadeite beads of highly translucent bright emerald green colour, completed by a clasp set with calibré-cut rubies and baguette diamonds, mounted in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold, length approximately 530mm, unsigned.
Beads approximately 19.20 to 15.40mm.

The Hutton-Mdivani Necklace, which was acquired by The Cartier Collection was auctioned again in April 2014, eight bidders in the room and by phone competed for 20 minutes, driving the price past twice the estimate and achieving a World Auction Record for any Jadeite Jewellery and a Cartier Jewel at HK  for US$27.44 million.
Also, the 29.62-carat cushion-shaped oval Burmese Mogok ruby and diamond ring by Cartier, sold for US$7.34 million, set a World Auction Record for a Ruby.

source: sothebys

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