Hochzeit und Vermählung der Herzogin von Fife, Prinzessin Louise von Wales Princess Royal,Louise of Wales,Duchess of Fife,bracelet,armband,necklace,halsband,geschenk,collier,brillanten,brillant,kette,schmuck,diamant,diamonds,siegelring,jewels,englisch,english, royalty,wedding,gift,present,marriage The tiara is a mass of diamonds, the stones running around the entire front, and hanging in pear-shaped openings with inverted pendants, surrounded by beautiful fragile open-work, frosted with diamonds, the whole being one of the most artistic and valuable pieces of the kind in England.

The necklaces were in the same casket. The larger one is a string of the purest diamonds---the smallest being the size of a pea and the largest as large as a six-pence. The inner necklace is of smaller, blue-stone diamonds....so rare and perfect that the necklace very probably vied with the other in valueales Hochzeit und Vermählung der Herzogin von Fife, Prinzessin Louise von Wales| königliche Juwelen und Schmuck Princess Royal |Louise of Wales Schmuck, kaufen,verkaufen, vererben,ererbt,verschenken, aus dem Nachlass, zur Hochzeit geschenkt bekommen Hochzeit und Vermählung der Herzogin von Fife, Prinzessin Louise von Wales| königliche Juwelen und Schmuck Princess Royal |Louise of Wales Hochzeit und Vermählung der Herzogin von Fife, Prinzessin Louise von Wales | königliche Juwelen und Schmuck Princess Royal |Louise of Wales Schmuck mit Diamanten und Brillanten, kaufen,verkaufen, vererben,ererbt,verschenken, aus dem Nachlass, zur Hochzeit geschenkt bekommen | königliche Juwelen und Schmuck Princess Royal |Louise of Wales

Royal Jewels of England - Wedding Princess Royal | Louise of Wales

Louise Prinzessin von England, Princess Royal und Herzogin von Fife anlässlich ihrer Hochzeit im Brautkleid abgebildet. mehr in deutsch>>


Wedding gifts of the Duchess of Fife

HRH Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony, called "Lulu" by her family, on the occasion of her marriage.

The following is the list of jewels received by HRH Princess Louise of Wales on her wedding to the Earl (created Duke) of Fife 1889:

This list is not complete, it includes those gifts of jewellery that were displayed in the large dining room at Marlborough House (home of the bride’s parents) and mentioned in the newspapers. Missing from the list is any gift from grandmother Queen Victoria and most foreign royals attending the wedding. There are also several discrepancies between the various sources, as can be seen under each gift.

The MASSIN TIARA a gift from the groom are pictured on this side>>

Further gifts of jewellery from her fiancé included the ruby and diamond engagement ring; and a diamond collet necklace “which could hardly be surpassed in regard to the size and purity of the stones" [Graphic, 23-24]
The necklaces were in the same casket. The larger one is a string of the purest diamonds, the smallest being the size of a pea and the largest as large as a six-pence. The inner necklace is of smaller, blue-stone diamonds....so rare and perfect that the necklace very probably vied with the other in value."From 'The Sunday Union' (Sacramento, CA)

a miniature fan of sapphires and rubies worn in hair (both this fan and the costly necklace above were what Louise wore on her wedding day)

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- The Prince and Princess of Wales The bride’s parents gave several gifts, the most splendid was a diamond fringe tiara, picture left, convertible to a necklace
…of elegant design of alternating and graduating rays, varying from nearly two inches long in the centre to half an inch at the extreme ends”. It was “not dissimilar to that which the Princess of Wales herself wears upon State occasions”.
According to Snowman, the tiara was supplied by Hancock’s, the sketch above see above.
Other gifts from the Prince and Princess of Wales included a splendid dressing-bag, the fittings of which were of gold adorned with coronet and monogram, and (from the Prince alone) two pairs of mother-of pearl opera glasses, beautifully painted with figures and mounted in silver.

- the Princes Albert Victor and George of Wales, Princesses Victoria and Maud of Wales:
diamond and ruby horse-shoe brooch is a gift from the brothers and sisters of the Bride.[The Times];
The diamonds are of uncommon size, and admirably matched. The brooch is in a pale blue velvet case, on the outside of which are the autographs, in gold, of the givers "Eddy," "Georgie," "Toria," and "Harry." [Graphic, 26-27]

- The Duchess of Albany gave:
a gold brooch set with emeralds[The Times],
a wreath brooch, with holly leaves in green enamel and small ruby berries. [Graphic, 26-27]

- The Princess Louise (Marchioness of Lorne) and the Marquess of Lorne: a gorgeous diamond bracelet, with a diamond horseshoe in the centre

- Princess Mary Duchess of Teck:
a brooch in roses, thistles, and shamrocks in pearls and diamonds, set in gold.[Graphic, 26-27]

- The daughters of Prince and Princess Christian present to their cousin:
a large pearl with a small diamond fly perched upon it. Its head is a sapphire, and its eyes are diamonds.

- The Count and Countess de Paris gave:
a very beautiful gold chain bracelet, about an inch in width, with large diamond monogram in the centre, the bands of gold at either side being studded with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires Graphic

- and their daughter Princess Hélène:
a pretty design of a diamond fleur-de-lys set on gold[The Times].
"Ich Dien" plume in diamonds on gold.[Graphic, 26-27]

- The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin gave
a gold bracelet with sapphire ends [The Times]. This might be the same as the “gold chain bracelet, with a diamond at one end and a sapphire at the other. These meet when the bracelet is fastened on the arm” described by the Graphic as a gift from the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Meiningen[Graphic, 26-27].

However, this magazine also has “a diamond and sapphire spray” listed as the present from the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Saxe-Meiningen” in another place in the article, which indicates that the identification of who gave the bracelet might be correct in The Times.

- Duke and Duchess Paul of Mecklenburg-Schwerin:
a pearl and gold Bangle[Graphic, 26-27].

- Mr Farquhar (Lord Fife’s best man) presented:
a beautiful diamond spray (divisible into three brooches, in a design of forget-me-nots and leaves the blossoms being of the very largest size to which the flower ever grows)the spray are pictured there>>

various members of the Sassoon family give:
a number of diamond sprays [The Times];
diamonds (from Sir Albert Sasson, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Sasoon)[ILN, 143],
Amongst the most magnificent presents received by the bride are the Samson family's exquisite diamond spray of forget-me-nots and leaves[Graphic, 26-27] pictured there >>

- Duke of Buccleuch:
a large diamond brooch, representing a swallow

-The Lord of Fife
- The Duke and Duchess of Manchester:
a splendid crescent of brilliants>> [The Times];
a large diamond crescent>> is the joint gift of the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, the Duchess of Hamilton, the Earl and Countess of Gosford, Lady Alice Stanley, and Lord Charles Monagu [Graphic, 26-27]

pictured above and in the portrait left

- The Duke and Duchess of Westminster:
a pendant, in which an uncut cabochon ruby is surrounded by brilliants cut in the old tabular fashion, a wonderful pink stone set with large diamonds. It may be a cabochon ruby, but it is possible that it is a much rarer stone, a pink sapphire

- Lord Alington:
narcissus flower in brilliants

- Lord and Lady A. Paget, Colonel and Mrs A. Paget, Mr and Mrs Gerald Paget and Mr and Mrs E Colebrooke:
a magnificent spray of diamonds set round coral centres[The Times];
another joint present is a gold brooch with diamonds, turquoises, and pearls set in flowers[Graphic, 26-27].

- Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild:
a splendid diamond spray consisting of rosebuds and leaves

-Lord and Lady Rothschild:
a bracelet, in which a very large and perfect cat’s-eye was mounted with a border of brilliants[The Times].

- the Countess of Macclesfield:
a bangle, thickly studded with diamonds and having a ruby in the centre

- Lord Magheramorne:
a diamond brooch with a centre in the shape of a cameo cut in chrysolite

- Lady Scott:
Brooch feathered ARROW>>, some six inches long 15,24cm, which is one mass of rose of diamonds and intended for a head-dress adornment

- Field Marshal Sir P. Grant(an old friend of the Prince of Wales):
a diamond brooch wrought into the Gaelic welcome ”Faite Gaelt-ach”

- Sir E. and Lady Guinness:
a magnificent necklace of rubies, sapphires and diamonds, all in uniform size[The Times];
a ruby and diamond necklace, the rubies of which are quite matchless in their flawless purity[Graphic, 26-27]

- Lord and Lady Rosebery:
a sapphire and diamond bracelet[The Times].
a diamond and ruby bangle, the ruby being of splendid size and quality. [Graphic, 26-27]

- the Duchess of Wellington:
a diamond and sapphire ring

- Lady Morton:
a pearl and diamond ring

- Lord Cadogan:
a ring in which a circle of diamonds surrounds a large turquoise

- Lady Bective:
a charming diamond lizard with emerald vertebrae

- Lord and Lady Burton:
a glittering diamond moth

- Lady Cork:
an opal ring

- Lord and Lady Londonderry:
a bangle of pearls, with a border of diamonds

- Mrs Mackay:
diamond and turquoise earrings [The Times] diamonds [ILN, 143, The Sunday Union,Sacrmento] pair of diamond earrings (cost: $15,000)

- Lord and Lady Sydney:
a diamond bracelet [The Times] a diamond necklet [Graphic, 26-27]

- Lady A. Campbell:
a pair of bangles, with jewelled fishes at the opening

- Lady Dorothy Nevill:
a delicate gold necklace, the pendant of which contains an opal in the centre, surrounded by an exquisite design

- Sir F. Johnstone:
a diamond pendant

- Madame Albani:
an exquicite cameo cut in chrysolite and surrounded with diamonds

- the Misses Byng:
a diamond brooch, representing either a grouse or a partridge, but probably the latter

- Captain and Mrs North Dalrymple:
a quaint brooch, representing a merrythought, in diamonds

- Mr and Mrs Mercer Henderson:
a diamond butterfly brooch

- Mr Mackenzie of Kintail:
a bracelet of diamonds and gold

- Mrs Villebois:
a diamond and sapphire bracelet

- the Marquesa de Santuree:
a horseshoe diamond bracelet

- Lord and Lady Revelstoke:
a diamond brooch

- Lady Raincliffe and Lord Burghershunite in sending:
a diamond brooch a device in diamonds, showing the name "Louise" and a coronet

- 112 young ladies of the Princess’ acquaintance:
a beautiful necklace of diamonds [The Times];
the magnificent diamond bracelet [Graphic, 26-27]
a lovely bracelet of fine brilliants [ILN, 143] shown there >>

- from the married ladies of Princess Louise’s acquaintance:
a diamond pendant of great beauty, consisting of about a dozen fine brilliants of the first water. It is so arranged that it can be detached from the diamond loop for which it is appended, and may be worn as a necklace

- Irish ladies:
a beautiful diamond bracelet, the design of which appeared to include the union of the rose and the shamrock” [The Times];
a diamond bracelet, with shamrock and rose design [ILN, 143]
beautiful diamond pendant [Graphic, 26-27]

- the ladies of Norfolk:
a beautiful diamond bangle [The Times]
a diamond bracelet, in the middle of which is splendid sapphire of something like eight carats[Graphic]

-the gentlemen of Norfolk:
a splendid cross, composed of large rose-cut brilliants, which measures in an inch and a half in length, shown above in th portrait and as sketch

- the tradesmen who supply the royal household:
a diamond bracelet, in bangle form, one of the most costly and beautiful of all the personal ornaments

- the wives of Cabinet Ministers:
diamond bracelet pictured there>>

- the Prince of Wales's household:
a diamond comb see displayed there>>
the seven diamond stars presented

- the members of the Queen’s Household:
three exceedingly handsome stars of unique design

- the Ladies of Scotland:
a very handsome ruby and diamond pendant. The centre is formed of a beautiful oriental ruby of exceptionally fine colour, surrounded by two rows of very fine brilliants. By a simple arrangement it can be worn either as a bracelet or as a brooch. To this is added an extremely fine Scotch pearl surrounded with diamonds and mounted as a bracelet.

- Ladies of England:
a magnificent Holbein pendant of large and rare brilliants
shown there >>

source:Graphic; The Times,ILN;The Sunday Union

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