Wie ein Rankgewächse aus Diamanten, besetzt mit Beeren aus Saphiren, 
          Blätter und Früchte geformt aus geschnitzten indischen Rubine, 
          Saphiren und Smaragden, kann das farbenfrohe Stirnband auch als ein 
          Symbol des abwechslungsreichen, farbigen Lebens von Lady Mountbatten 
          gesehen werden. Die Patentochter von Edward VII, war eine fortschrittliche, 
          unabhängige, unkonventionelle Frau mit großem Reichtum sowie 
          eine Trendsetterin in Sachen Mode zwischen den zwei Weltkriegen. Sie 
          hatte eine Schwäche für Indien, lebte während und bis 
          zum Ende des britischen Empires lange Jahre in Indien, dies reflektiert 
          wohl auch dieses Band. Es gibt eine Aufnahme von ihr, anlässlich 
          der Taufe ihres Sohnes, trug sie diese Preziose als doppeltes Armband. 
          Nach ihrer Rückkehr vom Sub-Kontinent, war sie Darling der English-upper-classes. difference between a 
: bandeau and a tiara
Bandeau is formed by one or two, say, rows of gems, is not a complete circle, and is without any decorative elements standing upright on it, or without any more highly complex rows above it

Tiara does have upright elements added, or extra elaborate rows of gems in galleries.

tutti frutti mountbatten schmuck tutti-frutti halsband tutti-frutti collier der Familie Mountbatten
tutti-frutti tiara jewel history tutti-frutti bandeau tutti-frutti necklace Edwina mountbatten Mountbatten tutti-frutti
tutti-frutti necklace Edwina mountbatten fruitsalad jewel history tutti-frutti necklace Edwina mountbatten tutti-frutti emerald sapphire and ruby jewels
tutti-frutti necklace tutti-frutti jewels In trying to create a sense of excitement around the item, government sources said that Edwina ....had a string of affairs including a rumoured one with Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister.......

T he implication here is that a new buyer might have just as fascinating a life as the woman who captured Mountbatten's heart and later became a darling of the English upper classes.

She and Mountbatten had something of an ...open marriage...  which is an English way of saying one did not mind too much if the other had an affair ...which Edwina did from time to time ...... . It has also been alleged that Mountbattens preference was not only for the opposite sex. jewelhistory
It is also being pointed out that the bandeau - a fancy French word for a headband - reflected Edwinas softness for India. . jewelhistory jewelhistory The item, described as a unique piece of Art Deco jewellery, has been bought by a foreign collector for  E 550,000 but Estelle Morris, the British arts minister, is giving buyers in the UK until December 27 2004 the chance to buy the piece. The deadline can be extended until February 27 if a potential buyer shows serious intention of trying to raise the money tutti-frutti necklace Edwina mountbatten

A unique London-made sapphire, emerald and ruby bandeau, or headband, was made in October 1928 and bought a month later from the great jewellery house of Cartier by Edwina, Lady Mountbatten for £900. The multi-gem bandeau in the tutti frutti style is in the form of a sinuous creeper, the stem set with diamonds, and the leaves and fruit formed of carved Indian rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The bandeau is a triumph of Art Deco jewellery manufacture in the capital. One of the finest surviving London-made multi-gem jewels, it is an object of pre-eminent importance to the history of jewellery in England between the two World Wars.
The bandeau was made by English Art Works, a company established in 1922 and deliberately staffed with British craftsmen by Cartier in response to depression-era unemployment in the jewellery industry.
It is a documented and dated product of a great jewellery house, whose rich colour combinations in multi-gem jewels represent the beautiful and creative flowering of Art Deco jewellery, a period justly celebrated for the distinction of its ornaments. There is no multi-gem Art deco jewel of comparable significance in a British public collection.

The bandeau can also be seen as a symbol of Lady Mountbatten's colourful life. The god-daughter of Edward VII, she was a woman of independent mind and great wealth, who became a leader of fashion between the two World Wars.
Although clearly an object at the very height of fashion, the bandeau equally reflects Lady Mountbatten's interest in India, and its Indian stones must surely have had resonance for her.
As a young woman in love with Lord Louis, but not yet in receipt of her inheritance, she had had to borrow £100 from her great-aunt in order to sail to India to see him while he was aide-de-camp to the Prince of Wales. It was here that their engagement was announced in February 1922.
Later, as Vicereine, she witnessed the end of British rule in the sub-continent. The bandeau itself was the piece which, in the form of two bracelets, she chose to highlight in a studio portrait on the birth of her second child.
Edwina died in Borneo in 1960 and her body was buried at sea. Lord Mountbatten was assassinated by an IRA bomb in Co Sligo, Ireland, in 1979.
In October 2004, the British government placed a temporary order banning its export and said the art deco piece, valued at $550,000, had recently changed hands and the new owner had applied for an export license. It declined to identify the present and previous owners.

In May 2008, it was announced that the tutti frutti bandeau and bracelet would be displayed in the newly redesigned and reopened William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery of the V&A Museum.

* The difference between a bandeau and a tiara is that a bandeau is formed by one or two, say, rows of gems, is not a complete circle, and is without any decorative elements standing upright on it, or without any more highly complex rows above it. A tiara does have upright elements added, or extra elaborate rows of gems in galleries.
Sources: Munn, Tiaras: A History of Splendour; The Secretary The Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art Department for Culture, Media and Sport 2-4 Cockspur Street London SW1Y 5DH; Press release, Victoria and Albert Museum


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