MARRIAGE PRESENTS Upon her marriage to HRH The Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, Princess 
          Helen received a wide selection of jewellery hochzeit,waldeck-pyrmont,helen,duchess,Diamond,geschenk,reine,schmuck,marriage,wedding-list,diamant,diamonds,german,princess,present,gifts,schmuck,jewels,englisch,english,royalty,goldankauf,wedding,dronning,drottning,royal family,windsors,jewellery-gifts,jewels,jewelry,royals,prince leopold Box-link necklace and sunrays of diamonds Helen Duchess of Albany man erkennt aber die charakteristische, zentrale -box-link- Reihe, die ihres auch hat und da gehen dann starr oben unten diverse Ornamente von weg.... engagement MARRIAGE PRESENTS Box-link necklace and sunrays of diamonds Helen Duchess of Albany weddinglist Box-link necklace and sunrays of diamonds Helen Duchess of Albany MARRIAGE PRESENTS royal wedding Princess Leopold weddinglist LEOPOLD DUKE ALBANY Box-link necklace and sunrays of diamonds Helen Duchess of Albany Box-link necklace and sunrays of diamonds Helen Duchess of Albany MARRIAGE PRESENTS royal

Geschenke zur Hochzeit an die Prinzessin von Waldeck-Pyrmont - Herzogin von Albany

Helene Prinzessin von Waldeck-Pyrmont heiratete Prinz Leopold den Sohn von Königin Viktoria, dazu wurde sie von der Ihrem zukünftigen Mann, dessen Familie, ihrer eigenen Familie und Verwandten, Freuden und Bekannten umfrangreich beschenkt. Die Juwelen die sie bekam sind hier gelistet >>

Princess Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont

Upon her marriage to HRH The Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, Princess Helen received a wide selection of jewellery from:

Her fiancée: a necklace of diamonds, a large diamond star ( brooch above and below pictured ) , a ruby bracelet, a ruby and diamond bracelet, sapphire and diamond earrings, Spanish lace, a fan,
The Queen gifts of jewellery: a pearl and diamond necklace, an amethyst and diamond necklace, a parure of coral cameos, old enamel and diamond brooch and earrings

  • Gifts of jewellery from the families included:
    Empress of Germany:a pearl and diamond pin;
    King & Queen of the Netherlands:large diamond sprays;
    Prince & Princess of Wales:diamond fleur-de-lys;
    Prince & Princess William of Prussia:a diamond ring;
    Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh: ruby and diamond bracelet;
    Grand Duke of Hesse, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke & Duchess of Connaught, Prince & Princess Christian, Princess Louise & Princess Beatrice:diamond wheatears;
    Prince & Princess of Waldeck & Pyrmont:a necklace and sunrays in diamonds -(above in the picture);
    Duke of Nassau:diamond, ruby and sapphire butterfly;
    Prince & Princess William of Wurttemburg:pearl and diamond butterfly;
    Princess Frederic of Wurttemburg:opal & diamond fly on an enamel leaf;


  • Gifts of jewellery from individuals and organizations included:
    Empress Eugenie: a pearl and diamond brooch;
    Queen of Sweden:a diamond bird ;
    The bridesmaids:sapphire and diamond bracelet;
    Nawab Vicar al Oomra: two pearl bracelets;
    Lord Mayor and Corporation of Windsor:a bracelet;
    Germans living in London originating from Waldeck or Pyrmont :a bracelet;
    Residents of Windsor and vicinity:a half hoop ring of five brilliants, the stones being slightly graduated in size and of very fine quality and a double coil serpent bracelet;
    Members of Christ Church Society, Cambridge:a diamond ornament, to be worn as either a solitaire or pendant in the form of a cluster of thistles and leaves, with the royal coronet interwoven, with a butterfly loop;
    Lord Chancellor and Lady Selborne: opal and diamond bee brooch;
    Lady Abercromby: a sapphire and diamond horseshoe brooch;
    Duchess of Bedford:pearl and diamond bracelet;
    Golf Club, St. Andrews: ruby and diamond bracelet;
    Ladies of Preston: a bracelet the centre is of oval form, broken at regular intervals by large lustrous stones, and is surmounted by the coronet of her Royal Highness in diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The central diamond is large and of singular purity and brilliancy. The bands are of gold, richly decorated as to allow of being removed at pleasure. By this means the centre can be worn as a breast ornament, and as such is a gem of beauty. Manufactured by Messrs. Hunt and Roskell.
    The household of the Queen
    : bracelet, earrings and pendant in pearls and diamonds (above pictured);
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Gifts of from the Queen included: a picture of the bride, portrait in oils (by Carl Sohn), old Argentan lace, Irish lace, a velvet dress with Honiton lace, Irish shawls
gifts of from the families included: a Broadway grand piano (from the Prince of Wales)
gifts from individuals and organizations included: a book Gleanings of Past Years (from Mr. Gladstone, the author) [Cartwright, 351]
gifts to her fiancé included:
a badge of the Order of the Thistle in diamonds and enamel and a richly chased silver plateau, surmounted by a large and finely chased silver candelabrum with branches for ten lights and sculptured at the base with a fine group of dogs and stag at bay (from a number of Scottish noblemen and gentlemen, personal friends of His Royal Highness),
a pair of massive and elaborately chased silver candelabrum weighing 445 oz. (from the members of Christ Church College Society, Oxford University),
a silver and gilt casket in Gothic design ornamented with symbols of Freemasonry on a carved ebony stand (from the Freemasons of Oxfordshire),
a pair of silver beakers decorated with flowers and pomegranate (from the Freemasons of Wiltshire),
a gilt and tapestry armchair (from the director and workpeople of the Royal Windsor Tapestry Manufactury, of which Prince Leopold was the patron),
an Adams style pianoforte in an ebonized case (from the workpeople of Messrs. John Brimsmead and Sons),
an ornamental leather cardbasket (from Mr. F.A. Deer, Neath, Glamorganshire,
saddler and harness-maker to the Prince of Wales),
an oxidized silver repoussé work plaque (from Sir Albert Sassoon)
an antique 15 piece silver writing set (from some old Oxford friends)

The gifts had been displayed in the White Drawing Room.

Special thanks to Laura - the initiator and author of this story!!

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