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Amethyst - Amethysts-Necklace | Londonderry Jewels

Amethyst | Amethystschmuck und Amethyst-Halsband der Marchioness von Londonderry

Die violette Farbe des Amethysts reicht von einem sehr hellen, leicht rosafarbenen bis zu einem sehr dunklen Violett. Als besonders wertvoll gelten die sibierischen Amethyste, die sogenannten Zarenamethyste, die sich als dunkelviolette Edelsteine auszeichnen.

Ursprünglich bestand der Schmuck aus 14 verschieden grossen Amethysten die mit einem durchbrochen gearbeiteten Rahmen aus Diamanten in Gold und Silber gefasst waren.
Der Zar Alexander I. von Russland schenkte sie der Marchioness Frances Anne von Londonderry im Jahr 1921 in Wien.

Die Frau des 7.Marquess von Londonderry, Edith eine sehr dominante Persönlichkeit, ist im Bild oben links abgebildet. Die Amethyste trägt sie sehr exzentrisch frei hängend vom Ausschnitt ihres Kleides.

Im Jahr 1915/16 wurde der Schmuck umgearbeitet, das ursprüngliche Diadem wurde auseinander genommen und dieses Halsband von E.Wolf & Sohn, London gefertigt.


Famous Amethyst - Amethysts -Necklace| Tsar Gems Romonov| Londonderry Jewels

These Siberian amethysts were part of a present to Frances Anne, wife of the 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, in Vienna 1821 from Tsar Alexander I of Russia. He wanted to turn her head and gave her 14 of these highly rare and perfect Tsar-Amethysts.

The best Russian amethysts come from Siberian mines, which were then owned by the Tsar. They are said to be the finest in the world because of the red and blue higlhights seen in the deep purple body colour of the stones.
Lady Londonderry was charmed by the amorous attentions of the Tsar and by the precious stones he heaped upon her but she manged to end the love affair innocent of guilt....

Frances Anne had the amethysts mounted as sleeve clasps and then as a chain which she sometimes wore as a tiara, but more usually across her dress, like the ribbon of an order.

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The necklace of 6 clusters centered with amethysts, pictured above, was made from the tiara in 1916 and designed by E. Wolff & Co.

The wife of the 7th Marquess, Edith, above left, wore them as a vertical chain reaching from her neckline to her waist.

Daisy, Princess of Pless, wrote of her as one of the “universally acknowledged beauties” and always remembered Lady Londonderry’s advice at the beginning of her marriage: “My Dear, always enter a room, as if the whole place belongs to you”!

The British novelist E.F. Benson also recalled the strong-minded Marchioness Edith, with something akin to admiration: “She went for life hammer and tongs…. Like a highwayman in a tiara, trampling on her enemies as if they had been a bed of nettles.”

When she died, the British military journalist, Charles Repington, wrote: “She was one of the most striking and dominating feminine personalities of our time, terrifying to some, but endeared to many friends by her notable and excellent qualities”.

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