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Diamant | Schmuck der Königin Alexandra von England

Prinzessin Alexandra von Wales, anlässlich Ihrer Krönung zur Königin von England

Die mit Diamanten besetzte lange Kette - am unteren Saum ihrer Robe, war ein Geschenk an Königin Victoria zum "Diamond Jubilee"

Jewels of Queen Alexandra
Crown, Coronation Jewels and Diamonds

Jewels worne of Queen Alexandra in 1902, at her Crowning. In opulent style, she is covered with an extravagant array of her jewels. She wore precious gems entwinded around her long neck and had jewels embedded in her dresses. Which them making part of her fashionable wardrobe.
The Queen favoured high chocker to hid an unsightly scar on her neck.

After the long reign of Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra was the fashion leader. Reviving the idea of wearing jewels stitched to clothing in the style of Queen Elizabeth I. she was tamping her own style - sumptuous yet refined, favouring entirely white jewellery - diamonds and pearls, creating the "Edwardian Style".

Her crown only be of diamonds, never was so beautiful an effect archieved, for the method of what is technically known as pave setting and absolutly no metall was visible to break the blaze of light, the frames beeing of platinum* not gold.

The design followed tradition in that it consisted of four large crosses patees and four large fleur-de-lis. The arches, numbering four instead of two, are in the form of eight ogee-shaped alf-arches*. Each arch beeing composed of three rows of diamonds in illusion setting, the central row beeing of very large stones, whilst smaller ones afford an excellent contrast.

In the very centre of the front cross blazed the famous Koh-i-noor, while in the other three were diamonds of extraordinary size and brillianey- (the four Georges and William IV?? not proofed).
From these curvin inwards to the centre, where they met in an orb or mound equally closely encrusted with diamonds. From this, again, rose a cross, the stones of which were set clear, so that they appeared equally well from the front or back.
In all, there were no fewer than 3688 speparate stones. These diamonds, varying in size from one, specially fine in colour, weighing nearly 17 carats down to those of the smallest dimensions**. Yet so perfect was the craftsmanship that the entire weight was under 23oz.

The magnificent crown are specially designed and manufactured for the Coronation in 1902 from Messrs. Carrington and Co. (The frame of this crown, set with paste, is now in the Army Museum, London.)
The cap was of the same beautiful shade of ruby-purple silk velvet as the superb train mantle and a further wonderful effect of radiance, which was not generally recognised at the time was that the outlines of the seams of the dress itself in its sumptous cloth of gold were also studded with diamonds.

The bodice was finished at the back with a golden Medici collar, pinned with diamond clusters and brooches. The magnificent necklets and rivieres of large singlestone diamonds that covered the whole corsage and all who were privileged to see the Queen realised that her Majesty had set up a new standard in regard to the consort's crown and jewels.

The Dagmar Necklace as a stomacher
Queen Victorias diamond earpendants - as pendant at the necklace
Queen Victorias Diamond Bow Brooches on her skirt building an ornament together with :
The link-chain, it was diamond jubilee present to Queen Victoria
A smaller diamond riviere -
The fringe emerald earrings on the front of her dress suspended from Queen Victoria's bows as pendants

A diamond-bracelet
Queen Victorias Diamond Bracelet
Queen Victorias Diamonds

The Diamond Cockade - or coat clasp in diamonds, formerly in five parts but altered to three parts by Queen Alexandra "the centre piece, set with a cluster of diamonds, and one side were kept in their original form and the other three pieces remounted as one to match the opposite side"
The Fringe Girdle...
Yards of Pearls in Ropes - The Hannoverian pearls

Diamonds in variations

source: Daily Telegraph; Boston Daily Globe, *Twining P.166; **The Times;

Thanks to Frank for his info and Laura!

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