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“A simple and yet touching and imposing spectacle was afforded today in the chapel of the Grand Ducal Schloss by the marriage of Prince Louis of Battenberg to Princess Victoria, eldest daughter of the Grand Duke of Hesse and grand-daughter of the Queen of England…”

Accompanied by her son-in-law and the bride, the Queen was driven from the Palace where the civil marriage had taken place to the Schloss for the religious ceremony. Queen Victoria wore a black silk dress with a white coiffure of lace, diamond ornaments and various orders. After the Queen entered the chapel, the Grand Duke, with Princess Alice and the Princesses Louise, Victoria and Maud of Wales all arrayed in white (a colour which predominated among the ladies related to the Royal Family) followed. The Princess of Wales wore a lovely robe of white, with a sparkling diadem of gems and various orders..

Prince William of Prussia gave his arm to Princess Beatrice, who wore a rich white dress, apparently of Indian material with diamonds and order.
“All being assembled, there now entered the bridal train, preceded by the bearer of a huge magnificent bouquet, presented by the officers of the Grand Ducal Dragoon Guards. Princess Victoria, the bride . . . was arrayed in a lustrous and exquisite duchesse satin robe with long flowing train, bridal veil, diamonds and a wreath of myrtle.” The veil, which did not cover her face, was the same worn by the late Princess Alice on the occasion of her marriage. There were no bridesmaids.

The wedding gifts presented to the bridal pair were set forth in one of the apartments of the Palace and made a handsome show. Some of the jewellery presents:
-The Queen gave a pair of gold hair-pins, stars, set with diamonds and pearls picture of the stars >>, five silver table work and shawls.

-The late Duke of Albany gave a bangle with a pearl and diamonds - above-.
-The Duchess of Edinburgh - a large pendant in the form of a shell with a pearl and diamonds - above -
-Prince Alexander of Hesse gave a diadem, which could have be worn on the wedding day, (the gems with diamond cluster) the diadem>>
-Princess Charles of Hesse gave a set of ornaments with emeralds, consisting of a brooch, a pendant with a cross and a pair of earrings. later in the possession of Queen Louise of Sweden>>
-Princess of Meiningen, Princess Charlotte of Prussia gave a bracelet.
-Grand Duke Sergius of Russia gave a brooch in the form of an anchor the brooch>>
-The Queen Dowager Marie of Bavaria a bracelet (The Times) or a tiara with amethysts and diamonds (The Graphic).
Some of the gifts are worn by the Princess on a picture seen here>>

Source:The Times;May 1 1884,The Graphic;


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