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Smaragd Kreuz der spanischen Königin Ena


Royal Spanien Smaragd Erbschaft

Smaragd-Kreuz 45 karat geschliffen aus einem Smaragd, das 4 cm lange Kleinod aus dem Besitz der spanischen Königin Isabell II 1830-1904 gelangte als Geschenk an Kaiserin Eugenie von Frankreich, von ihr über Königin Victoria und Prinzessin Beatrice and die spanische Königin Victoria Eugenia, von der es Cartier erwarb und an Madame Patino verkauft

Oben im Bild: Luz Mila Patino - Albina de Boisrouvrai.


Emerald Necklace of Madame Patiño incorporating "The Andean Cross" of Queen Victoria Eugenia

At Christies Geneva in November 2013, three superb jewels from the world famous collection of Bolivian tin tycoon, Simón Itturi Patiño, were offered for sale. These exceptional pieces featured rare gems of supreme quality.

The highlight was a magnificent emerald and diamond necklace by Cartier made in 1937, after they had purchased a rare emerald cross of 45 carats from Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain. Carved from one single gem, the cross, named ‘The Andean Cross,’ had belonged to Queen Isabel II of Spain as well as to Empress Eugenie of France.

To honour this extremely rare gem, Cartier selected over 100 carats of the best emeralds available at the time to create the stunning emerald and diamond necklace, as seen on the right. The necklace drew inspiration from the emerald sautoir owned by Victoria Eugenia.
The South American provenance of the emeralds, the historic ‘Andean Cross’ and the magnificent quality of the diamonds and emeralds charmed Simon Patiño, who purchased the necklace for his wife, Albina Rodriguez, in January 1938.
The Bolivian mining millionaire's son, Antenor Patiño Rodriguez married Maria Cristina de Borbón, Duchess of Durcal, in France in 1931. She was 17; he was 35.  They had two daughters, Maria Cristina in 1932 and Maria Isabel in 1935.  The younger of the Patiños’ two daughters, Maria Isabel, followed a path similar to her mother. At 19 she became pregnant and eloped to Scotland with Anglo-French financier James Goldsmith. He was 20; she was 19.  In 1954, at seven months pregnant, Maria Isabel died of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Her daughter, Isabel Goldsmith Patiño inherited the necklace.

At a later date, the cross was purchased by Van Cleef & Arpels and the necklace was shortened in order to create a pair of matching earrings which were also up for sale (on the left). The third piece was a 32ct cushion-shaped diamond ring by Chaumet.
Source: Christie's Geneva Press Release

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