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Princess Elizabeth the future Queen of Great Britain and Irland | Königin Elisabeth II. von England

Princess Elizabeth the future Queen as the bride on her weddingday.
The veil was held in place by a diamond fringe tiara which was lent to Princess Elizabeth from the Queen (Mother), as 'something borrowed'. This incorporated diamonds from a necklace which had been a wedding present from Queen Victoria to Queen Mary, who gave the tiara to Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) in 1936.

This diamond necklace (given by Queen Victoria) which was convertible into a tiara was worn by Princess May on her wedding day to HRH the Duke of York. Queen Mary was probably greatly pleased at the thought of her granddaughter wearing part of a gift from Princess Elizabeth's great-great grandmother.
The fringe tiara was made in 1919 by E. Wolff & Co. for Garrards. And it is interesting that the Queen and her Princess Anne wore the revision at their weddings, as well as Princess Eugenie of York in 2020.

Among the other jewels worn by the royal bride were two pearl necklaces: the Queen Anne and the Queen Caroline pearls given by her parents. These strings of pearls, of forty-six (Queen Anne) and fifty (Queen Caroline) pearls, weighing 1,045gr. and 1,429.20gr. respectively, are always worn together. The association with Queen Anne 18.8 x 15cm and Queen Caroline 16 x 12.5cm is first noted in the Garrards inventory of 1896.

The pearl and diamond earrings which had originally belonged to Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester were bequeathed to her niece, Princess Mary Adelaide,  the Duchess of Teck. In turn, the Duchess bequeathed the earrings to Queen Mary who had given them to Princess Elizabeth as a twentieth birthday present.

More jewels given from the family:

Sapphire and diamond suite of necklace and earrings, given to Princess Elizabeth by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Ruby and diamond necklace, Boucheron 1907 from Queen Elizabeth. This necklace had been bequeathed to the Queen by Mrs. Grenville.

The Queen Anne and Queen Caroline Pearl Necklaces - from King and Queen - above in the picture


From her grandmother Queen Mary:

The 'Dorset Bow' brooch

The 'County of Cornwall' Ruby Diamond Bracelet-Brooch 1893 worne by Queen Elizabeth

The 'Girls of Great Britain' tiara, Garrards, 1893

Gold and Diamond Bangles 19th century

The ‘Ladies of Devonshire’ earrings

Queen Mary’s stomacher of 8inches

A gold fob watch - the Duchess of Kent

Diamond bracelet designed by Prince Philip and given to his royal bride on their marriage

The wedding dress was made of satin and decorated with 10.000 pearls, which the designer Norman Hartnell obtained from America. The gown of ivory satin gleaming with hand embroidery representing garlands of York roses entwined with ears of corn. Motifs of applique tulle outlined with pearl and crystal formed a border for the billowing skirt and a train of ethereal tulle, splendidly embroidered, fell from the shoulders under the cloudy folds of the veil. The 15 foot star-patterned train’s decoration was inspired by Botticelli's figure of Primavera with the promise of rebirth and growth after the drabness of the war and its aftermath.


Queen Elizabeth II Wedding Gifts Presents| List of jewels given to QEII

Diamond fringe necklace, 19th century - Lord Mayor of London and the Court of Aldermen, the Governor of the Bank of England, the Chairman of the Stock Exchange, the Chairman of Lloyds, the Chairman of the Baltic Exchange and the Committee of London Clearing Banks

Diamond and platinum necklace Cartier, London - Nizam of Hyderabad

A necklace of 96 rubies in gold setting of exquisite workmanships, clasp is of gold and engraved with the word "Burma" - The people of Burma's gift

A Diamond encircled watch and wristlet - The Swiss Federal Council

A gold tiara chased in openwork with symbolic devices - The Emperor of Ethiopia Suzy Menkes p140

A diamond and ruby brooch - The Markgravin of Baden

A gold and earliest egyptian coins necklace with felsnar>>

Gold bracelet with diamond and sapphire motif n°24 - Miss Sharman Douglas

A magic gem of the orient : The agni Mani n°26 - Baron Richard j Touch Sradding

Diamond and ruby brooch in the form of a butterfly n°42 - The Dowager Countess of Onslow

Carved rosewood necklace in tooled leather jewel case n°63 - Colonel Samuel J.Sutherland

Medaillon commemorating the coronation of Queen Victoria n°124 - Miss L.T Sykes

Carved ivory brooch in the form of a wheatshearf and pair of earring n°171 - Mrs Edgar Strange

Feather brooch in the form of a wild duck n°263 - Miss Betty Butler

Two hand man birds brooches n°317 - Men of the disabled sailors and soldier work

Red bed necklace n°492 - Miss Angela Repard

Pair of gold and amethyst cufflinks n°508 - The Lord and Lady Delamere

A ruby and diamond trellis gold brooch n°515 - The director of Garrard and Company limited

Gold, diamond and enamel brooch in the form of the badge of the Guild Air Pilots n°518 - The Marquis and Machioness of Londonderry

A diamond and turquoise shamrock brooch n°536 - The Dowager Duchess of Portland

Sapphire and diamond feather brooch n°538 - Messrs Carrington and Company Limited

Carved cameo in a case n°559 - Major A.E Murray

Three medallions brooches of flower designs n°594 - Mr and Miss L.H Howes

Unmounted cameo n°595 - Mrs L Osmond

A bead necklace n°675 - Mr John Jefferys

Blue necklace and bracelets n°770 - Miss Neta Ferrarini

An oval agate brooch n°813 - Mr W.F Rowe

Two sets of shell jewellery n°824 - Miss Alice Waston

Silver brooch n°874 - Mrs L.S Pike

A brooch set with pearl from Ross-Shire Rivers n°879 - The people of Ross and Cromarty

A gold lace-work brooch set with diamonds and rubies n°907 - The jewellers and Silversmiths of Great Britain

A gold and cairngorm brooch n°1035 - The members of his Majesty’s Medical Household in Scotland

A maple leaf brooch n°1041 - The junior Red Cross of Grade 5, Rideway Public School, Scotland

A diamond flower and spray brooch n°1046 - The grand Master Mason, office Bearers and Brethern of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

A ruby and diamond pendant n°1047 - All Burmese women’s Freedom League S Menkes p 144

An agate jewel casket mounted with silver n°1070 - The Earl and Countess Beauchamp

Three gold Safety pins in case n°1122 - Mr P Stewart

A gold and jewelled brooch convertible into two clips, typical of Portuguese workmanship n°1171 - British subjects from various Nations of the Commonwealth and friend of Portuguese East Africa

Two pairs of jewelled anklets set with brillants and enamel drops mounted as a necklace n°1215 - The Dominon of India S Menkes p 143

A diamond, ruby and sapphire clip brooch in the form of the badge of the league n°1283 - The central Council and Members of the Overseas League at home and abroad>>

An antique Rajput Headpiece of gold set with pearls, rubies and diamonds. n°1288 - The Maharao Raja of Bundi. This headpiece, traditionally worn by the Rulers of Bundi, has now been mounted as a brooch S Menkes p 143

The badge of the regiment in gold, enamel, rubies and diamond n°1292 - The sixteenth Fifth Lancers

A diamond and sapphire pendant in the form of a star n°1295 - The Lord and Lady Jessel

A diamond wrist watch n°1348 - Mrs R Benham

A chased silver flower ring n°1355 - The Girl of Malaya

An Iona green stone n°1376 - Mr Hector Maclean and the people of Iona

A Gold maple leaf brooch set with diamonds and bearing the badge of the league in enamel and diamonds n°1383 - The Members of the Canadian Legion of the British Empire service League

A gold tie pin, mounted with a miniature of George IV n°1402 - Mrs E Stuart Clark

A gold chain and heart-shaped pendant with Ceylon stones n°1462 - Mrs C E Albrecht

A gold and enamel flower brooch n°1604 - The Reverant F Keeling Scott/ Mr Abdulla Hasham Gnaggi

A gold and enamel tie pin bearing Queen Victoria’s cypher n°1613 - Mrs F Hooker

A jewelled brooch 1623 - Miss F Grunberg

Silver napkin ring n°1640 - Girl Guide Shirley Roberts

An uncut diamond n° 1685 - The people of Tangangika

Three Czechoslovak jewelled brooch ornaments n° 1714 - Czech children of the secondary school in Prague

An oval gilt brooch with flowers designs worked in Satin by the donor n° 1721 - Miss Amy Douler

A brooch representing a spray of flowering gum in gold and black opals contained in a casket of - The returned Soldiers’ Sailors’ and Airmen’s Imperal league of Australia Australian, bearing in gold the badge of the league n°1789

A gold brooch set with diamonds and rubies in a trellised floral design n° 1790 - The Principality of Monaco

A cameo brooch n°1858 - Mr Carnet W Shields

A Heart-shaped pendant in gold filigree and enamel n°1912 - Madame Maria V de Carvalho

An opal and gold pendant in a gold chain - The City Council of Brisbane, queensland 1990

A pair of opal earrings n° 1991 - The Queensland Branch of the royal Society of St George

A pear shell containing seven large pearls n°2010 - Salman Bin Hamed Alk helifahn Ruler of Bahrain
Field p 102 Diamond and drop-pearl earrings In reality only two pearls were used

Two engraved silver crosses n°2014 - Miss Elizabeth Elin

A silver filigree brooch n°2052 - Mrs I Woodcock

A silver and paste brooch n°2120 - Miss P Haberman

A large uncut diamond n°2126 - Docteur J.T Williamson
Field p 102 and Menkes p 158 . The most important wedding gift of jewellery to Princess Elizabeth. Today it is valued at more than €6 million

A brooch of New Zealand greenstone mounted with gold n°2153 - Mr John Ewan

An unset cameo, head of King George VI n°2164 - Mr D Shapio

A gold and ruby tie pin n°2180 - Miss E.M Bratby

A gold and enamel brooch n°2186 - Mr Edward Williams

A gold, pearl and turquoise brooch n°2235 - Miss M D Sutherland

A pair of jewelled clip brooches and chain n°2203 - Miss Peggy Campbell

An Italian cameo brooch n°2289 - Miss M Hatswell

A gold watch set in the form of a key n°2450 - Mr Henry L Lambert

A Scottish silver brooch and cuff links n°2466 - The second Orkney troop by scouts

A cameo brooch representing Joan of Aarc n°2505 - Mrs O Baker

A gold and turquoise brooch of archaeologic orgin - The Mexican wedding present

Thank you to Franck for his great help!

Source:Menkes; Fields;The Times;Royal Collection.


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