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Ruby Diamond Bracelet-Brooch, Queen Mary Jewels

The County of Cornwall gave the bride, when she married the Duke of York in 1893, a ruby and diamond bracelet incorporating a detachable centrepiece in the shape of a rose. She was given a number of jewels in the shape of the Rose of York, in honour of her new title.
She wrote a letter to Lady St Germans, about the ruby diamond gold-cuff bracelet:
"When you came to bring me the present from the people of Cornwall I felt quite unable to express the deep gratitude I felt at receiving the very beautiful ruby and diamond bracelet. II ask you kindly to convey to them my warmest and utmost grateful thanks for the very lovely gift from Cornwall...believe me, yours very sincerely MAY"

THE CORNISH ROYAL WEDDING PRESENT -statement of the proceedings of the Cornish Royal Wedding Present Committee. The total amount of the fund is £4Ol ss. Id., subscribed upwards of 4,000 Cornishmen and women of all classes and lam assured by the ladies who have been good enough to organise the collection in the different deaneries, that canvassing solicitations lias been resorted to, but that all contributions have been given freely and spontaneously.

After having ascertained the wishes H S.H. the Princess May, the Committee selected os the Cornish Wedding Gift, a diamond and ruby bracelet, the centre of which is in the shape of the Rose of York, and can bo worn separately, brooch.
On Saturday last, the Ist instant, deputation of the coxmittca had the honour being received at the White Lodge, Richmond, tbo Princess, and her Highness was graciously pleased to accent the offering made to her by them on behalf of the county. Her Highness expressed herself much pleased with the bracelet, and desired that her warmest thanks might be conveyed to all who subscribed towards it. The Lord-Lieutenant and the High Sheriff of Cornwall were unfortunately rented their official duties from attending the presentation.

The bracelet was made by Messrs. Carrington and Co., 130, Regent-street. A hook containing the names of the subscribers, but not the amounts subscribed, is being prepared, and will forwarded to her Serene Highness soon ready.

The bracelet is inscribed From Cornwall, One and All, July 6th, 1893, *and on the book will impressed the arms of Cornwall and the motto “One and ALL” With many thanks for your kindne-ss.—l remain, sir. yours faithfully, EMILY ST. GERMANS. 13, Grosvenor gardens. S.W., July 4th, 1833.

In 1898 Queen Mary, at this time Duchess of York, wore the diamond and ruby centerpiece as a brooch on her collar, as seen in the picture above. She is with her two sons - the future Edward VIII (1894-1972) and George VI (1895-1952) and her daughter Princess Mary (1897-1965).
She gave this ruby and diamond gold cuff bracelet as a wedding gift to her granddaughter Princess Elizabeth.

There are some confusion about this bracelet, because, one of the gifts from Prince George, is a diamond rose brooch in the style of the "Rose of York" as well as, the present of the West Yorkshire Regiment is a diamond rose brooch, see the different diamond brooches >>

Cornwall Rubin -Diamant Armband und Brosche Schmuck der Königin Mary

Sie war ursprünglich mit dem Bruder ihres späteren Mannes verlobt. Als Albert Victor jedoch plötzlich starb, hielt Georg um ihre Hand an. "May", 6. Juli 1867 - 26. Mai 1953 wie sie von ihrer Familie liebevoll genannt wurde, zögerte nicht, und wurde am 6. Juli 1893, ihrem 26. Geburtstag, die Frau Georgs V.
Ein weiteres bemerkenswertes Hochzeitsgeschenk bekam die spätere Königin Mary von dem Bezirk Cornwall.
Das Armband mit Rubinen und Diamanten hat in der Mitte eine Rose aus Rubinen und Diamanten, die man auch herausnehmen und einzeln als Brosche tragen kann.

Das Foto oben zeigt die damalige Herzogin von York mit der Rubin-Diamant Rose als Brosche am Kragen ihrer Bluse.


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