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Queen Mary's Turquoise Jewels, Parure with Tiara

In 1893 the Duke and Duchess of Teck had given the three 1850 turquoise brooches, a tiara, a necklace and earrings to their daughter, as a wedding present. These six pieces are now part of the Gloucester parure and over the years another drop necklace was added.
Princess May's parents gave her in addition to the turquoise pieces a brooch, necklace, pendant, sprays for the hair, earrings and breast-pin.
Above in the picture we see the original version of the tiara worn by the Queen consisting of turquoise and diamonds arranged as rococo scrolls and a sunburst. Later Queen Mary found the composition too high, and it was lowered by E. Wolff & Co. in August 1912. To compare the old and new version see:

The turquoise parure and tiara was later a wedding gift to her daughter-in-law the Duchess of Gloucester

The three brooches had originally been a confirmation present in December 1850 to Queen Mary's mother.

Queen Mary wore the 3 brooches arranged as a stomacher pinned at the corsage.

The diamond fringe necklace/tiara, worn as choker, was another wedding present. It was given by Queen Victoria and was worn by Princess Mary on her wedding day as a tiara. It was described by The Times as a necklace of diamonds of the very finest lustre and cutting.

Some large marriage gifts was pictured here>>

The newspaper reported more jewels given as wedding-gifts:

  • a cluster brooch of diamonds with turquoise centre given by the Prince and Princess of Wales>>
  • Belle Epoque diamond and Ruby Ring from her father-in-Law, Edward POW
  • a turquoise diamond bracelet from the Marquis and Marchioness of Salisbury
  • turquoise and diamond cluster pin by the Marquis of Londenderry
  • a pearl and diamond ring, designed by Collingwood, presented by Princes Adolphus, Francis and Alexander of Teck to her sister
  • a pearl and diamond bracelet from the King and Queen of Würtemberg
  • sapphire and diamond bracelets from the Emperor and Empress of Russia
  • a ruby and diamond feather brooch from the Ex-Queen of Spain
  • an emerald and diamond brooch from the Tsarvitch
  • a magnificent necklace of three rows of pearls with diamond clasp was presented by 23 counties - it was valued at £6000 Sterling
  • Pendant of diamonds and pearls valued at £775 from the Women of Hampshire worne as brooch>>
  • a bracelet from the people of Richmond
  • a diamond jeweled pendant with a pearshaped large pearl - people of Richmond
  • a cross of the 17th century, a trinket very much in fashion in olden times with our fair Norman kinswomen and in a case adorned with the two Sons of William the Conqueror. It has been sent from Neufchatel-en-Bray, an old town founded by Henry I of England and has been presented by Captain Le Clerc, of the French Embassy, in whose family it has been for many years.
  • a diamond rose brooch - West Yorkshire Regiment
  • a diamond sun brooch from Earl and Countess of Warwick, Lord and Lacy Brooke, Captain Alwyne and Mrs Greville. Lady Eva and the Hon Greville;
  • a pair of gold and diamond bangles, late 19th century, a wedding present to Queen Mary in 1893 from the Bombay Presidency, later given to her granddaughter Elisabeth II as wedding gift in 1947
  • diamond tiara - from the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland - later given to her granddaughter Elisabeth II
  • diamond necklace tiara with pearls and matching pearlstudds - Ladies of England
  • diamond set bow brooch with large pendant pearls - Inhabitants of Kensington
  • diamond set bow brooch - the County of Dorset
  • gold bracelet with diamond centre Mr. & Mrs Arthur Kennard
  • a diamond and brilliant pendant with enamel - Worshipful Company of Carpenters
  • a pearl necklace - County of Kent
  • a pearl necklace with diamond clasp - presented by a thousand of her Majesty's subjects
  • a pearl and diamond comb - Sir G. and Lady Lucas
  • a pearl necklace with diamond clasp from the Ladies of Glasgow consists of 51 pearls, graduated from the centre, with the largest being about the size of an ordinary pea. The length of the necklace is 14 inches. The clasp consists of eleven diamonds set in gold. The pearls were valued at 930 pounds and the total cost was close to 1000 pounds (The Scotsman, 30 June 1893) Messrs R.+W.Sorley
  • a diamond and pearl brooch
  • from Earl and Countess of Warwick, Lord and
  • scent-bottle and true-lovers knot in diamonds sent by Miss Alice de Rothschild - could be later the wedding gift to the Duchess of Gloucester
  • a diamond bracelet - by the Fishmongers' Company
  • a spray of rose-leaves in diamonds - from a few women of the stage
  • a magnificent diamond and pearl bracelet from the Indian Princess
  • a ruby and diamonds bracelet incorporating a detachable centrepiece in the shape of a rose from the County of Cornwall
  • an ornament set in diamonds which belonged to Princess Elizabeth Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg probably from her Grandmother and Godmother Augusta Duchess of Cambridge??
  • May's monogram set in diamonds - Mrs- Mme Weddington
  • amethyst and topaz bracelet - Lord & Lady Burton
  • a cameo - the four Georges set in diamonds, surmonted by a diamond-set crown, 1820 - from Earl and Countess Cadogan
  • diamond and ruby brooch given by Mr Chaplin
  • a ornament given by Sir Horace Farquabar
  • a sapphire and diamond bracelet
  • a gold chain bracelet set with rubies and diamonds
  • a gold bangle with a heart of rubies
  • four valuable pins - Mr A.J. Balfour
  • a diamond brooch with crystal centre - Earl and Countess of Leven
  • gold four-leaf shamrock pin, emeralds and diamonds by Sir Frederick and Lady Milner
  • a handsome diadem of roman workmanship (probably the laurel wreath diadem) - from the King and Queen of Italy
  • brooch - the Ladies of Surrey Needlework Guild brooch
  • lace parasol with carved pin coral handle - from the Italian ambassador and Lady Tornielli
  • a little gold watch and chain inclosed in a small glass case formerly in the possession of the Empress Josephine from Dr Chittenden.
  • a Crescent Brooch from Swansea made by Gerrard(cost £170) later destroid and used for the Q-Marys Stomacher in 1920
  • a small birthday book bound in gold and tortoiseshell, containing a miniature in ivory of the royal family and bearing a coronet and short inscription in diamonds and enamel - from the Baron and Baroness Lowenstein.
  • bird in gold and enamel box - Sir Henry and Lady Meysey-Thomson
  • watch bracelet in diamonds and rubies - Mr Gillett

Sources: Field, The Queen's Jewels; Menkes, Royal Jewels, Munn, Tiaras, The Times, Royal Collection


Türkis-Tiara und Schmuck mit Türkisen der Queen Mary von England

Im Bild trägt die spätere Königin von England, die orginal Version, den höheren Entwurf des Türkis Diadems. Die Tiara wurde 1912 von der Königin in der Höhe der Mitte reduziert und diese Elemente und Türkise an den Seitenflanken ergänzt, sodass eine breite Bordüre ohne grossen Verlauf entstand.
Die Tiara ist mit Türkisen und Diamanten in Ranken und Bögen ausgeführt,
die zwei Schleifen Broschen mit Türkisen und Diamanten und eine kleinere Türkis-Schleifen-Brosche mit Diamant-Türkis-Quaste - sind auf dem Bild, untereinander, als Corsageschmuck zu sehen.
Zu der Parure gehört des weiteren ein Diamant-Türkis Armreif, zwei Halsbänder abwechselnd mit Diamant oder Türkis zusammengestellt, eine 4-reihige Kette mit Diamant in Weizen-Ähren auf Türkisgrund. Ein Türkis-Diamant-Ring, ein paar passende Ohrringe mit Türkisen, gerahmt von Diamanten, im Foto gut zu erkennen, weie auch das Türkis-Collier, bestehend aus 26 ovalen Türkisen gerahmt von Diamanten. Es wurde später ergänzt und gehörte nicht zum ursprünlichen Hochzeitsgeschenk, der Herzogin von Teck an Ihre Tochter.


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