Duchess d Angouleme - Diadem der französischen Königstochter Diadem Madame Royale
Madame Royale Duchess d Angouleme - Diadem der französischen Königstochter Diadem Madame Royale Duchess d Angouleme - Diadem der französischen Königstochter
Diadem Diadem Madame Royale Duchess d Angouleme - Diadem der französischen Königstochter
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Duchess d Angouleme - Diadem der französischen Königstochter | Royal Imperial Jewels: Orginal Entwurf der Rubin-Diamant-Parure

Diamant Diadem vom Hofjuwelier

Meniere der Hofjuwelier von Ludwig XVI, änderte für die Tochter des Königs, Madame Royale die Duchesse d'Angoulême, oben im Bild rechts trägt sie das Diadem, mehrere Preziosen, wohl auch das später als Basis ohne Diamanten in Stücken angeboten wurde.
Die orginal Montur der Duchess wurde in London Mitte der 90 Jahre verkauft. "Pia und Maria Antonia bekamen damals Diamanten im Wert von je 24.000 Francs und Robert Diamanten für 48.000 " (Der Familie Bourbon-Parma)
Man kann daher gut annehmen, dass diese 5 Diamanten, die Robert von Borbon-Parma erhielt, mit anderen weniger bedeutenden in der verschwundenen Tiara, der "neueren" Tiara der Familie Bourbon - Parma verwendet wurden.
Das "neue" Diadem, öfters getragen von Prinzessin Irene von Bourbon-Parma, Tochter der niederländischen Königin Juliana, stammt aus der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jhd. - und da residierten die Bourbons in Österreich. Es ist daher ohne Zweifel vom Hofjuwelier Köchert angefertigt worde
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Diamond tiara of Madame d´Angouleme`s personal jewels

Since most owners of valuable jewellery tend to keep them hidden under a veil of secrecy, this causes problems for those trying to trace the history of particularly celebrated pieces.
Recently, the fate of none such jewel, the diamond diadem of the Duchess d´Angouleme, has been revealed through a fascinating group of objects comprising her miniature, the silver mount of the diadem, and a handwritten account of what happend to some of stones. These Bourbon heirlooms was for sale in the 90th.

In 1814 Marie-Therese Charlotte, the tragic and courageous daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, returned to Paris with her husband, the Duc d`Angouleme and their uncle Louis XVIII.
In the absence of a Queen, the Duchess presided over the brilliant court receptions which the restored Bourbon monachy.
She had access to the fabulous cellection of jewels consulidated on behalf of the state by Napoleon and som were remodelled for her. The court-jeweller made the diadem of diamonds which the King gave her outright as her own personal propberty. In the picture she wears it low on the forehead, crowned by nodding plumes, the epitome of Royal dignity.

As the grandson of Charles X who had been ousted by the Orleans monarch in the July Revolution of 1830, the Comte de Chambord (1820-1820) was "King Henry V" the "Legitimist" Pretender to the throne of France.
His childless aunt, the Duchesse de´Angouleme, loved him like amother : she supervised his education, arranged his marriage in 1846 withe the Archduchess Maria Theresia of Modena and left him all her property The bequest included the diadem which, as her own personal possession, she had taken with her into exile in 1830.
At the castel of Frohsdorf near Vienna, the Comte de Chambord led a solitary and uneventful existence surrounded by mementoes of his ancestors.
On several occasions, most natably during the political crisis of 1873 he might have turned the situation to his advantage and returnded to France - but the stumbling block was his insistence on teh princple of Divine Right. This refusal to compromise cost him the throne and condemned him to pertueual exile.
Thereafter, having no children, he recognised the claim of teh Comte de Paris, representative of the Orleans branch and thus united the Royalist parties before his death.

According to the note written by his widow in September 1885, the Duchess d´Angouleme`s great diadem was a financial reserve from which he drew when he wished to make wedding prestents to the children of his siter Louise, wife of Carlo III, Duke of Parma. He had given five large stones to each of the following brides:

1. La Pauvre Pia, first wife of Duke Robert of Parma in 1869 she died in 1882
2. Adelgonde, who married Enrico, Count of Bardi, younger brother of Duke Robert, in 1876, in 1876
3. Maria Antionia, who married Duke Robert as his second wife in 1884.

These fifteen diamonds were valued at 72000 francs. In addition there were 162 stones set into nine necklaces, valued at 120 000 francs, two large brilliants valued at 20 000 and 12 000 francs respectively and a group of smaller stones valued at 23 000 francs making a total of 247 000 francs as the value of the diadem.

soucre:Diana Scarisbrick

Diademe de diamants

diamants Exécutée pour la duchesse d'Angoulême à partir d'éléments de la parure de diamants l'impératrice Marie-Louise. Ancienne collection des Diamants de la Couronne

La parure de l'impératrice Marie-Louise


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