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historic history of jewels The Nawangar - Jewels India|Die Juwelen des Maharadschas von Nawangar

Emeralds - Smaragde des Maharadshas

Smaragd Kugel Kette

Der Maharadscha trägt hier sein Lieblings - Collier aus Smaragd-Kugeln, mit einem grossen Smaragd aus dem 17.Jahrhundert von 155 Karat , daran hängt ein sechseckiger Smaragd aus dem 18. Jahrhundert mit 200 Karat und einem Tropfen als Anhänger.

Eine 2-reihige Perlenkette und ein Diamant Halsband, es könnte sich um das "Parade-Collier" handeln, das auf der verlinkten Seite beschrieben ist und das ´kostbarste und unvergleichlichste an Diamant-Colliers war das es je gab`nach Aussage von Jacques Cartier.


Ranjitsinhji's Necklace

Ranjitsinhji's Necklace
The Jam Saheb above, wears one of his favourite emerald beads necklace....
An emerald and pearl necklace estimated at 1.6 million pounds belonging to Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji, the erstwhile ruler of Jamnagar, which was supposed to go under the hammer at Christie's in London on September 23. 2005

But after it was made public that the heirloom - a personal favourite of the cricket legend - was to be auctioned, one of his descendants played the sentiment card. Shatrushalyasinh Jadeja, a descendent of "Ranji" and the present "Jam Saheb" of Jamnagar, decided to find out how the piece of family jewel found its way to Christie's. "After all, it was special" and Jadeja felt that Ranjitsinhji would have never sold it to anyone during his lifetime.

And Christie has obliged. Touched by princely concern, it has decided against auctioning the royal jewel. The head of Christie's jewellery department in London, said, "The necklace won't be a part of the auction on September 23.....nore any other auction"

The piece studded with a 17th century central oblong emerald and an 18th century hexagonal emerald - weighing 155 and 200 carats respectively

A connoisseur of jewellery, Ranji purchased the emerald in the 1930s and asked "good friend" Jacques Cartier, the best-known of all jewellers, to string it personally. Warren says he has seen many carved emeralds, but most of them are not mounted. "It's very uncommon to come across a perfect necklace. I've never actually seen any other complete maharaja necklace like this," he says.

How and when the necklace vanished from the royal family remains shrouded in mystery.

But considering Ranji's obsession with "sahibs" from the "Old Country" and his habit of lavishing them with expensive gifts, it is likely that he may have given it to one of his blue-blooded guests. Not much is known about its owner as Christie's does not disclose the identity of the owners, who auction their antique wares. "No, we can't say anything about the owner. Nor can we ask the person concerned anything about the necklace save its price," says Christies.

The Diamond-Necklace could be the amazing "Ceremonial-Necklace" of the Prince



The maharaja of Nawanagar commissioned another diamond sarpech or aigrette with a pink diamond weighing 24.81 carats and hundred of other smaller brilliant and baton diamonds in platinum. An one remodelled in European-style diamond sarpetch, which could be attached to his turban with long damond "stings" from the end of each of which hung a large cabochon emerald, ´marvellous in colour and purity and each one inch and a quarter long´.


There was a necklace of six ropes of pearls, embellished with a pendant featuring an engraved emerald of 62,93 carats, the pendant doubled as yet another turban ornament.


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