Nawanagar - Royal Jewels Ruby Diamond Necklace Maharaja Mughal|Das Rubin-Collier der Maharani von Nawanagar Nawanagar - Jewels |Das Rubin-Collier der Maharani von Nawanagar rubies royal ruby necklace collier,maharani mughal Nawanagar - Jewels Nawanagar - Jewels |Das Rubin-Collier der Maharani von Nawanagar rubies royal ruby necklace collier,maharani mughal Nawanagar - Jewels
rubies royal ruby necklace collier,maharani mughal Nawanagar - Jewels |Das Rubin-Collier der Maharani von Nawangar Jam Saheb und Yuvraj Maharadsha von Nawanagar - Nawanagar is located in the western area of India (Gujrat). The state had a pearl fishery and much of its wealth came from this.
Nawanagar is most famous for its famous son and ruler Jam Saheb Ranjitsinghi, who is still regarded as being one of the all time greats of cricket.

Rubine - Rubies

Maharaja of Nawanagar Ruby Diamond Necklace | Cartier

Nawanagar Ruby Diamond Necklace | Cartier

A magnificent ruby and diamond necklace, c. 1937

Stunning Art Deco Cartier necklace commissioned by Maharaja Digvijaysinhji of Nawanagar in 1937 and considered one of the most important ruby and diamond necklaces
Estimate: SFr1,800,000-2,200,000 (US$1,400,000-1,700,000)

The Jam Saheb himself loved jewellery, and would fondle precious stones with the touch of an artist.
He began to pit his knowledge against the opinions of the experts. He envisaged the possession by the State of the finest collection in India. It took twenty-three years to fulfil that ambition.
Ranjitsinhji of Nawanagar, the peerless Ranji of the cricketing world, was the most loved of the princes, quite unlike Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala. The latter, an ardent Francophile, built himself a pretentious Versailles-like palace where the long-suffering servants were ordered about in French and wore perukes to wait on his guests. The interiors featured pink, buxom females without even a fig-leaf on, cavorting all over the ceilings, walls and panels to the amusement of foreign visitors.

Large picture - Grosses Foto des Rubin-Colliers

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