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Lady Irwin Countess Halifax Dorothy Onslow | Aristocartic Tiaras Wedding Jewels History Noble Jewelry|Diamond Festoon Tiara Wife of the Viceroy of India

September 1909 Wedding of Hon. Edward Lindley Wood, son of Viscount Halifax, and Lady Dorothy Onslow, daughter the Earl and Countess of Onslow. The service was fully choral, and the chancel was beautifully decorated with palms and white flowers.

The bride’s dress a charming princess one of soft white satin, daintily wrough t with brilliants and silver. It was softened with draperies of lovely old lace ami arranged with diamente embroidery. A tulle veil covered a tiara of orange blossoms. Her only ornament was a stringe of beautiful pearls, with diamond clasp, the gift of the bridesgroom and she carried a bouquet of orange blossoms and myrtle, tied with satin ribbon. The Earl of Onslow give his daughter away.

The wedding presents were displayed in one the fine drawing rooms and sn anto-room. reached through the State bedroom. associated with Queen Charlotte, whose gift of a beautiful china tea service preserved in a cabinet one tho drawn rooms. The room is also associated with a French Princes, who left beautiful, peaceful Clandon for her own country and the guillotine


From the Bridegroom a Pearl necklace and diamond ring.
Countess of Onslow. Fur coat and cap. Russian cable stole and malt, a cortmandel wood gold fitted dressing case an old sheffield box. and a set of Brussels lace.
Count of Onslow beautiful diamond dog collar and diamond chain.
Hon. R and Lady Gwendolen Guinness: diamond corsage ornament.
Viscount and Viscount Cranley: Long diamond and platinum chain.
Viscount and Viscountess Halifax gave their daughter-in-law a diamond tiara in a fine design of clusters, bows, and festoons of beautiful stones in millegraine setting.
Viscount and Viscount Mash: Diamond brooch.
Hon. Emily Gallows Diamond star Pendant,
Ernest Guinness. diamond and sapphire ring,
Hon. Mary Onslow, large taints pin with sapphire.
Marquess and Marchioness of Normanby, enamel and diamond watch and fastener;
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur dames. diamond bandeau;
Mr. Matt Land. two coloured sapphire bracelets;
Mr. Rath, peridot and diamond bracelet;
Sir Keith Fraser. aquamarine and diamond brooch;
Mr. and Ernest M. Thompson diamond and ruby brooch;
Mr. and Mrs. Benson, antique embroidered Chinas coat;
lady Edward Clavendish. enamel bell Push lion.
Mr. and Mrs. Stoln.rt t.rosettior. enamel bun;
Earl and Count of Decant. silver jewel bon:
Pow. Countess of Cornervon. fitted dressing bag;
Mr. and Lady Mary Meynell. diamond ring;
lord and lady Trevor. pearl and diamond brooch;
Mal Amy and Mir Alberta Paget. enamel scent bottle;
Miss etopford. carved tortoiseshell empire comb: Maas Mitared Lowther. old paste buckle. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain. ellwr coffee pot;
Earl and Countess of Jersey. enionelied.handled magnifying glass:
Lord and Lady Poltimore. three gold toilet bones: lord Lansingtun. painted fan;
lady Father Smith. crystatbandied umbrella; Dr. and Mrs. Collins. greenstone handled tea knives; Katharine Duchies of Westminster. enamel and tortoiseshell piper knife:
LAeut..Col. Wennian Coke. gold chain Purse:
the Mongols. diamond and amethyst safety pin:Mn. Drewitt. unique Miser and mother-of- Pearl boa; Mr. Owen ninth. old print; Mr. and Hon. Mn. Cooper, gold and mother of- Pearl box;
Lord and Lady Burguekre, enamel and diamond watch and chain;
Mr. William Maitland. enamel buttons;
lady Eileen Elliott. enamel Indian pendant;
Hon. Charles Mills. enamel and diamond clock;
Hon. Cynthia Chapter**, pink Quarts buttons; Mr.. Fritz Ponsonby, inlaid writing boa.
Hon. Mar. caret Wyndham. set of gold-mounted hair combs;
Mrs. Bark. four gold sweet disbee;
P. Thompson's Work.: Mies L. B. looker. Spaniels inlaid gold hair elide:
Earl and Countes: of Arran. tortoiembell.banled umbrella:
Mtn Blanche Lamella; and Mr. A. Lessens. ivory work ems with gold fitting.
Lady Sybil Grey, bracelet;
Mr. Fuller Maitland, two jewelled bangles.

See above in the picture Lady Irwin is wearing a lot of bracelet, probably the wedding gifts to her. On her neck we see four long string of costly pearls.


ARRIVAL OF THE BRIDE. Punctual to the minute, the bride arrived with her father from Pandora Peak, proceeding to the church by way of the Rectory drive, whore, at her reqtsest, the robool children had aesombkvi On Lord Onslow's arm s she posed under an archway of lowers and greenery, and proceeded up the pathway to the south door. An awning had been erected as a provision against unfavourable weather, but fortunately his proved superfluous. The morning was brilliantly flee, and though during the ceremony the sky clouded oyez eons. chat, later it cleared again, and the nuptials were celebrated under the happiest auspice. the bride reached the church she choir commenced to sing, as a profesional, the hymn, Dome, Holy Ghost, our owls in. spire, preceding to the channel the bride and her father, followed by the twelve brides-maids. Lady Dorothy wore a charming princess robe of white satin, daintily wrought with brilliants and silver, and softened with draperies of lovely old Brussels lace, the gift of her mother. She carried a posy of cruise bkesorn, white heather, and myrtle, end wore as her only ornament string of beautiful pearls with diamond clasp, the gift of the bridegroom. She was a shrn, girlish figure in her bridal attire, and looked very sweet and charming.

SOCIETY WEDDING HON- E. L WOOD MARRIED TO-DAY. PICTURESQUE SCENE AT WEST CLANDON In the pretty little parish church West Clandon this morning the Hon Edward Lindley Wood, only surviving son of Viscount countess Halifax, was married to Dorothy Onslow, youngest daughter of Earl and loss of Onslow. The church, which is old one, was well restored about time that Lord and Lady Onslow were married.The chancel was beautifully decorated, and the approach from tne park covered with an awning, through which the bride and bridegroom and tho wedding party passed. Tho ids were Lady Dorothy Browne, daughter the Earl and Counters of Kenmarc: Lady Muriel Herbert, daughter of the Karl and Countess of Pembroke; the Hon. Mary Vooev, daughter of Constance Viscountess Veaa; Hon. Blanche daughter of Commander the Hon. Frederick and Mrs- Lascclles. and Maid of Honour to the Queen; Miss Mary and Miss Margaret Sutton, daughters Major and the Hop. Mm. Sutton, nieces the bridegroom ; the Misses Lane-Fox. daughters Mr. George Lane-Fox, M.P.. ond tho Hon Mrs. Lane-Fox. also nieces the bridegroom: Miss Fullcr-Ma'tland, Miss Claire Stopford. Miss Mary Gardner, and Miss Ailecn Guinness, daughter of the Hon. Ernest and Mr . Guinness. Most of tho bridesmaids were children. All wot pitoresque dresses of white Ninon de soie, embroidered in silver and crystal; their heads were wreath of red and white roses, from which veil silver tulle hung. They carried bouquete of red and white roves, and wore charming little diamond and pendants on platinum chains, the gifts of bridegroom.


THE HON. EDWARD LINDLEY WOOD —LADY DOROTHY ONSLOW. A very pretty wedding took place on Tuesday afternoon Clandou, tiuildford, when the Hon. Edward Lindley Wood, of Templenewsam, only surviving son of Viscount Halifax, was married to Lady Dorothy Onslow, younger daughter of the Earl and Countess of Onslow. The ceremony was performed by the Kev. John Wylde and the Kev. G. F. Dalton, and the church was prettily decorated with palms and white flowers. The Earl of Onslow gave his daughter away. She was attired in a very graceful gown of ivory-white satin, arranged in the form of a Princess robe, and trimmed with antique Brussels lace and silver and diamond embroidery. The bride wore tulle veil, and carried posy of orange flowers and myrtle. Her ornaments included a pearl necklace, the gift the bridegroom.

The Countess of Onslow wore a beautiful dress soft bright sapphire-blue crepe de Chine. The bodice was embroidered in raised Nattier and sapphire-blue silk mingled with oxydised silver, and there was yoke of lace. A cluster of dark-red roses was tucked into the bodice, and a brooch of diamonds and fine sapphires was worn. A large dark-blue hat finished with Nattier blue ostrich feathers and sable stole completed the costume. Viscountess Iveagh, with whom was Viscount Iveagh, wore a cedar-green Ottoman silk dress, with tightly-fitting coat cut away in front, of cream-coloured, pearl-grey and pale gold silk embrodery. green toque finished with green ostrich feathers was worn. Lady Gwendolen Guinness, who sat in the pew with her mother. Lady Onslow, wore satin long coat and skirt of a curious shade of young mushroom pink. The roll collar of the coat was faced with pale blue poplin piped with black, and a black fiat with great cluster of cock’s feathers at one side looked remarkably smart. The guests included the Hon. Rupert Guinness, C.M.G., M.P., and the Hon, Herbert Guinness.



Early arrivals were s bevy of far bridesmaids, who made a charming pieturesc grouped together in the entrance to the church, as they awaited the bride's arrived. These young ladies were Miss Fuller Maitlailil and the Hon. Mary Gardner (causitis of the bride), the Misses Margaret and Mary Sutton, the Mimes Mary and Marcia Lao Fox (nieces of the bridegroom), Lady Dorothy Browne, Lady Muriel Herbert, the Hon Blanche Lascelles. Miss Claire Stopford, the Hon Mary Vesey, and Mies Aileen Guinness, the elder of whom were attired in white ninon embroidered in crystals and pearls, with wreaths of red and white roses in their hair covered by silver tulle veil, while the younger maids wore white ninon Empire frocks and silver Juliet caps, waled with pearls. Each received a diamond and amethyst pendant from the bridegroom, and nosgave of red roses tied with silver ribbon.



Source:A.P. Civil & Military Gazette (Lahore);Shoreditch Observer; Manchester Courier SURREY ADVERTISER AND COUNTY TIMES,

Lady Irwin Countess Halifax Dorothy Onslow | Aristocartic Tiaras Wedding Jewels History Noble Jewelry|Diamond Festoon Tiara Wife of the Viceroy of India

Diamond Festoon Tiara | Lady Irwin Countess Halifax | Aristocartic Tiaras Jewels History Noble Jewelry| Wife of the Viceroy of India



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