Hochzeitsgeschenke - Diadem mit Diamanten an die Prinzessin Marie von Edinburgh | Schmuck der Königin von Rumänien queen romania,Saphir,sapphire,safir,cacoshnic,diadem,tiara,duchess,herzogin,großfürstin,Königin,Rumänien,Collier,Geschenk,treasure trove,jewel,Sachsen Coburg Gotha,schmuck,Geschenke,diamant,diamonds,jewels,passion,collector of fine jewellery,Besitz,jewelry,Princess Saxe-Coburg Gotha,Schmuck,Sammlung,gift,gifts,collecting Tiara with Diamonds of Queen Marie of Romania REGINA MARIA marriage,wedding present,duchess sachsen-coburg-gotha Hochzeitsgeschenke - Diadem mit Diamanten an die Prinzessin Marie von Edinburgh | Schmuck der Königin von Rumänien Jewels Wedding gifts to Marie of Edinburgh marriage, wedding present, duchess sachsen-coburg-gotha, Tiara with Diamonds of Queen Maria of Romania marriage,wedding present,duchess sachsen-coburg-gotha, dowry  also known as trousseau  is a gift of money or valuables given by the bride's family to the groom's at the time of their marriage. It has been regarded as contribution of her family to the married households expenses.
Jewels Wedding gifts to Marie of Edinburgh Tiara with Diamonds of Queen Marie of Romania Kronprinzessin von Rumänien trousseau Hochzeitsgeschenke - Diadem mit Diamanten an die Prinzessin Marie von Edinburgh | Schmuck der Königin von Rumänien Jewels Wedding gifts to Marie of Edinburgh Princess of Great Britain and Irland Tiara with Diamonds of Queen Marie of Romania

Jewels Wedding gifts to Princess Marie of Edinburgh| Crown Princess of Romania list of the Royal Jewelry

Princess Marie of Great Britain and Ireland was born the 29th of October 1875, at Eastwell Park in England, the eldest daughter and second child of Prince Alfred of Great Britain and Ireland, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia. Thus, Princess Marie was a grand-daughter of both Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Czar Alexander II.
The marriage of Princess Marie of Edinburgh and Prince Ferdinand Victor Albert Meinrad of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania* took place on January 10, 1893 at Schloss Sigmaringen, the residence of Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern, father of the bridegroom.

The wedding proceedings were three-fold, consisting, first of the civil marriage in the Red Room of the castle of Sigmaringen; secondly, of the Roman Catholic marriage in the town church of St. John; and thirdly of the Anglican marriage held in an extemporized chapel adjoining the Ancestors’ Room in the castle.
"Princess Marie was dressed in a charming robe of white corded silk, embroidered with pearls. The skirt was trimmed with bouquets of myrtle and orange blossoms, the body being bordered with white velvet and adorned also with myrtle and orange blossoms. The bridal veil was of the most beautiful tulle and a gift of her mother. Her only ornaments were the diamond necklace presented by the King of Roumania and Prince Ferdinand, and a diadem and cross of diamonds, the gift of the Duchess of Edinburgh." [Supplement to The Graphic, January 21, 1893, 4 - 5]

Princess Marie is pictured wearing her wedding dress and jewellery in the full-length photograph at the top right of the page.

On top, the picture on the left and the inset picture of the parure, Crown Princess Marie is wearing her father's gift of turquoises and diamonds.

The many wedding gifts were displayed in a reception room at Schloss Sigmaringen.
The following items were listed in The Graphic, Supplement to The Graphic, January 14, 1893

a diamond and turquoise parure of tiara, necklace and earrings (from the Duke of Edinburgh) - see above -
an emerald and diamond brooch/pendant and earrings (from Queen Victoria) picture>>
a diamond diadem with a cross, a brooch and earrings, a large brooch of sapphires and diamonds, two large brooches and bracelets set with diamonds and pearls (from the Duchess of Edinburgh) - some of this at the exhibiton in Coburg-
a bracelet of turquoises with two diamond hearts (from the Prince and Princess of Wales)
a diamond and turquoise brooch (from the Duke of York and Princesses Victoria and Maud)
a horseshoe brooch in diamonds and sapphires (from Princess Louise and the Duke of Fife)
"a clasp of diamonds and pearls with an enamelled knot of brilliants representing the Saxon House Order" (from the Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)


The following items were listed in The Times, “Court Circular”, 7 January 1893, page 9.

an emerald and diamond pendant and earrings (Queen Victoria)
a turquoise bracelet with double hearts in diamonds (Prince and Princess of Wales)
a superb diamond and turquoise tiara, necklace and earrings (Duke of Edinburgh)
a diamond diadem, brooch and earrings, a diamond and sapphire brooch, two pearl and diamond brooches, two pearl and diamond bracelets (Duchess of Edinburgh)
a turquoise and diamond brooch (Duke of York, Princesses Victoria and Maud of Wales)
a diamond and sapphire horseshoe brooch (Duchess of Fife)
a clasp of diamonds and pearls with an enamelled knot in brilliants, representing the Saxon House order (Duke and Duchess of Saxe Coburg Gotha)
a gold chatelaine with pearl and diamond clasp (Countess Alexandrine de Tolstoi)


The following items were listed in The Times, “Marriage of Prince Ferdinand and Princess Marie”, 11 January 1893, page 5.

a diamond rivière (King of Roumania and the Prince of Hohenzollern)
a diamond and sapphire bracelet (King of Roumania)
a large sapphire and diamond brooch (Prince Ferdinand)
a large sapphire and diamond bracelet (the Prince of Hohenzollern)
a large sapphire and diamond brooch (the Tsar and Tsarina)
a diamond bonnet pin (the Empress of Russia’s children)
a diamond and ruby shamrock brooch (Dowager Princess of Hohenzollern)
a gold chain bracelet with sapphires and diamonds (Duchess of Teck)
a gold safety pin brooch with the Maltese cross
a gold bracelet from the officers of the 6th Thuringian regiment


The following items were listed in The Illustrated London News:

To HRH Princess of Edinburgh on the occassion of her marriage:
- a superb pendent of jeypore enamel encrusted with rubies, sapphires and diamonds and edged with a large drop of pearls, rubies, emerald, sapphire and moonstone. It has been obtained from Messrs Philips of Cockspur Street. From her Majesty the Queen.
- a necklace enjewelled with clusters of fine turquoise surrounded by diamonds and an open-work tiara mounted with turquoise and diamonds and earrings to match. The Duke of Edinburgh’s gift. This beautiful suite was designed and executed by Carrington Regent Street London.”

The Duchess of Edinburgh presented her daughter with
-a diamond coronet, brooch and earrings, a diamond and sapphire brooch,
-two pearl and diamond bracelets,
-two pearls and diamond brooches and
-a dressing-set with silver fittings, each engraved with the initial "M" with a coronet.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh gave
-a lovely china set of unique design and a beautiful china dessert services.

Silver filigreed casket, candlestick,flacons, bottles, goblet, given as a wedding gift to Crown Prince Ferdinand and the future Queen Marie of Roumania Collection of Silverdishes now in the possession of the Maryhill Museum of Art

In her notes Queen Marie wrote about her trousseau and the jewels:
Mama gave me a wonderful trousseau, a real princess' trousseau in keeping with that time of prosperity and abundance. There were also innumerable wedding presents, some magnificent, some beautiful, some humble and touching; this was all very exciting and pleasurable. I was a real daughter of Eve and loved clothes, furs and precious gems, but I was astonished at the masses of dresses, cloaks, hats, handkerchiefs, stockings, shoes and fine linen that I was supposed to need. All these manifold treasures were put out in a large room and I, with my sisters and many friends, used to walk about amongst them, awed by their magnitude. Getting married was certainly a stirring event.
I took a quite childish pleasure in my new dresses and beautiful jewels. Mama had been extraordinarily prodigal, giving many of her own magnificent Russian gems. These have all now been annexed by the Bolsheviks. It was difficult to realize that they were all mine. It was rather the same feeling that we had had in those far-off days when playing with old Hutchins, when I liked to imagine I was the Queen of Spain.

And then the morning came when I awoke to the sound of bells—festive bells—bells for my own wedding.
We had to submit to a threefold marriage, civil, Catholic and Protestant. The ceremonies took place in the morning and ended with a huge wedding breakfast. I remember it all as though it were a dream—a very far-off dream in which I played a dream part.

My wedding dress was of lusterless, heavy white silk, with puffed sleeves, of course, and bell skirt spreading out into a train. I had a dislike of lace veils, so in spite of all the old family lace I wore tulle, kept in place by a diamond tiara inside which a small wreath of orange blossoms lay curled as in a nest. I was a thin, flat little maiden with very fair hair, frizzled Queen Alexandra-wise on the forehead; my features were immature, my eyes blue; there was not much dignity about me. I looked as absurdly young as I was, and I felt as if I were playing at being grown up. I cannot say that I was very much enchanted with my own appearance. I had more romantic ideas about how a bride ought to look, but mama absolutely disagreed with these; so I was decked out according to her taste and wore my rather overpowering finery as best I could.

*Prince Ferdinand became Prince of Romania and Royal Highness by royal decree signed on the 18th of March 1889.

Special thanks to Laura for her generous help!


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