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Empress of Russia Alexandra Feodorovna Ruby Cluster Diamond Brooch

Some more jewels with rubies are made for the Tsarina Alexandra Fjodorovna, one is always used and just worne in public from the Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The important ruby diamond brooch had an large oval ruby as center with 12 diamonds around as cluster and an large pear shaped ruby as pendant with 18 diamond surounded, see above a close-up of the jewel. The rubies in the brooch are set into a circle of gold from which pinched claws come up to hold the stone. This was a much earlier method of setting and suggests an early 19th century date

It's know that Alexandra Fjodorovna, left a part of her important jewels, as well as that wonderful ruby brooch to her daughter in law Princess Cecilie of Baden, Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna the wife of her youngest son Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich of Russia.

Grand Duchess Olga Fjodorovna, above on top in the oval picture on the right, on the occassion of the coronation of Alexander III. wearing an array of her imperial rubies pinned on the kokoshnik and arround her neck. She lived with her husband, he was gouverneur of the caucasus, most in Tiflis. The couple remained close and theirs was a happy marriage.

She was deeply devout and tradition-conscious was terrible upset, when her second son, Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich married unequal in San Remo on 26 February 1891.

The marriage to Sophie of Merenberg, eldest daughter of Prince Nikolas of Nassau, was not only morganatic but also illegal under the statute of the Imperial Family and caused a great scandal at the Russian court.

Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich was deprived of his military rank and of his position at the Imperial Court and also forbidden to return to Russia for life.

This ruby diamond brooch was a present to Countess of Torby, Sophie of Merenberg - from the brothers of her husband. She note it in her last will:

On her husband's death she left:

"To Her Britannic Majesty Queen Mary, in grateful and devoted remembrance, my ruby brooch with ruby pendant, given to me by my brothers-in-law and originally chosen for the Empress Alexandra."

A jewel with an Imperial provenance. Her brothers-in-law were Grand Dukes Nicholas, George, Alexander, Sergei and Alexei. Empress Alexander was her husband's grandmother.

Source: The Times 28 Nov 1927;Uwe Ripka;

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Charlotte (Friederike Luise Charlotte Wilhelmine), Prinzessin von Preußen, heiratete 1817 den späteren Kaiser Nikolaus I. von Rußland (1796–1855)(als Alexandra Feodorovna) Kaiserin von Russland.


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