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The Princess Royal's Pearls and Pearl Ropes

Rope of Pearls presented by the Marys of the Empire

When in 1970 the jewels of the Princess Royal were sold for £78,735 three graduated pearl necklaces were included. One was with 62 pearls, the second was a string of 92 pearls and one was a rope of 128 pearls.

The Marys of the Empire decided to raise money to purchase a gift for the Princess. They raised over £8,000 pounds which was raised in just two months. The maximum donation was 10 shillings due to the financially difficulties Britain was experiencing. The majority of the funds was used to fund a training home for Girl Guides while the Princes consented to "…a small rope of pearls." The necklace took less than half of the sum raised. The necklace was presented to the Princess on the 23 February 1922 at Buckingham Palace.
In the very long rope of pearls which was the gift of the Marys of the Empire, there were approximately 280 graduated pearls. It was supplied by Carrington & Co.

On her left shoulder, as pin of the flower of fabric, we see an part of her oval sapphire cluster brooch, with large diamond setting.

And on her right hand, another wedding gift, a sapphire and diamond ring.
Sources: The Times 24 February 1922; 25 Feb 1922;

Royal Pearl and Diamond Tassel

Princess Toria, Victoira of Windsor Princess Toria, Victoria of Windsor

A pearl and diamond tassel pendant, the tassel composed of fourteen stands of pearls held by the diamond and rose diamond cupola top, sold in 1970. It is said that this pearl tassel was a present from her aunt Princess Victoria, the unmarried sister of her father. Princess Victoria is pictured with such a jewel.


Pearl Bracelet with large Diamond Cluster

In some of the photographs of the Princess we can see an important 6-row pearl bracelet with an enormous oval diamond cluster. Nothing is known about this jewel. In the picture above she wears it on her right wrist

Princess Mary's Topaz and Gold Seal

Princess Mary's topaz and gold seal was a wedding gift from Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bridgeman and sold at auction in 2007. It was described as:

"An early 19th century gold and citrine fob seal. The tapering faceted citirine with later seal engraved initials almost certainly for H.R.H. Princess Mary, Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood (1897-1965) and her husband, Henry, 6th Earl of Harewood (1882-1947) with laurel wreath surround beneath double crown surmount, to a heavily chased suspension and cap with engraved serpent split ring."
Sources: The Times, 10 January 1922; 13 Jan 1922;Christies 2007;

Special thanks to Laura for the resarch and text!


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