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The Princess Royal's Diamonds | Royal historic Jewellery

Royal Diamond Pearl Brooch Pendant

Victorian pearl and diamond brooch pendant, composed of a large pearl in diamond single-row border which forms the centre of a diamond and pierced oval panel with single-row diamond outer border with cushion-cut diamond collets at the points of the compass and supporting a cushion-cut diamond collet single drop-shaped pearl with rose diamond cap.

Diamond Chain and Bracelet | Princess Royal Jewellery

Designed as a row of openwork links alternating with five floral diamond and rose diamond and rose diamond star cluster motifs. Each intersected by two diamond double crescents, diamond lozenge collet with diamond circular cluster snap. Later rhodium plated, necklace length: 400mm approximately.

The photograph on the right, shows the young Princess May of Teck, the future Queen Mary, wearing this delicate diamond necklace which she subsequently gave as a present to her third child, Mary who went on to become the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood. When Princess Mary was born on 25 April 1897, her great grandmother, Queen Victoria, sent a brief telegram to her parents the Duke and Duchess of York; 'all happiness to you and my little diamond jubilee baby'. The infant was christened Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary; it was the last name by which she was known in deference to her mother.

Princess May also wore the diamond and pearl diamond cluster brooch/pendant when she made her coming out at court.

An attractive antique diamond bracelet, composed of an eight-pointed star cluster which forms the centre of the graduated diamond collet and twin leaf flexible bracelet. This necklace, together with the diamond bracelet was always treasured by the Princess Royal as a memento of her girlhood as shown in the official photograph of her taken in 1963 in which she wears the delicate diamond bracelet along with the stately Russian tiara and diamond rivieres>>

Source: Christie's 1970;

Special thanks to Laura for the resarch and text!


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