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Royal Wedding gifts and presents to Mary Princess Royal | Jewellery

On February 22, 1922 her wedding day, Princess Mary wore the diamond negligé which was the gift of her bridegroom. In the wedding picture above it is visible suspended from a very fine chain. It was described as "a diamond and pearl brooch, composed of cushion-shaped and drop-shaped diamond collets mounted in a pierced diamond panel of kite-shaped design supporting in the centre a pear-shaped diamond drop and on each side a diamond riband of different lengths a pear-shaped pearl" in the Christie's 1970 auction catalogue. It sold for £2000.
The brooch she is wearing in the centre of her bodice is that which was given to her by the Royal Scots regiment, the oldest regiment in the British Army, when she was appointed their Colonel-in-Chief. The Princess also wore a short single strand of pearls which was not the long rope of pearls which was "The Marys' Gift".

The King and Queen had three parties at Buckingham Palace where a limited number of the Princess' gifts were displayed in the Picture Gallery. They were primarily jewelry, fans and pieces of plate. Later, her over 1300 gifts, along with her wedding dress, were displayed to the public at St. James's Palace with the one shilling admission charge being given to charity.

The bridegroom's principal gift has been described as large sapphire and diamond corsage ornamented with clusters and fringe. >>
To this he added a diamond pendant with pear drops, which was worn by Princess Mary in the wedding picture above, and a long diamond rivière.

The King:
Diamond and sapphire bandeau - coronet>>
Diamond and sapphire bracelet >>

Diamond and sapphire necklace>>

Diamond and sapphire pendant >>

The Queen:
Large sapphire and diamond brooch>> Diamond Scroll Tiara with the Sapphire Cluster Brooch

Queen Alexandra
Six-row-pearl necklace with emerald drops and sapphire and diamond pin>>- Queen Alexandra's necklet bears the personal message:
"With every good wish for my darling granddaughter Mary's future happiness with her beloved husband. From her loving old granny Alex"

Prince of Wales:
Diamond and sapphire bracelet>>

T.R.H.'s the Duke of York, The Prince Henry, and The Prince George:
Sapphire and diamond ring >>

Princess Royal, Princess Victoria, Queen of Norway:
Long diamond lace brooch >>

Earl and Countess of Harewood:
Large diamond brooch>>

Diamond and sapphire ring >> - King and Queen of Spain

Ruby, sapphire and diamond bracelet - King Manuel and Queen Augusta of Portugal

Gold bracelet containing one huge ruby and one pearl with a circle of diamond as a clasp - Queen Amelie of Portugal

Sapphire and diamond bracelet -Infanta Beatrice of Bourbon-Orleans "Baby Bee"

Agate photo frame mounted with gold festoons. Traveling clock in onyx set with rubies - Grand Duke Michael and Countess Torby

Diamond lizard brooch >>- Duke and Duchess d´Aosta

Ebony and gold antique clock - Great uncle, great aunts and cousins of the Bride

Carriage clock with a gold sun-ray face with two silver and diamond stars moving around to indicate the hours and minutes - Prince and Princess Christopher of Greece

Onyx Cartier Clock - Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna

Handsome negligé with a centre of emeralds and a cornet of precious stones >> - Officers and Men of the Royal Navy

Flexible diamond and platinum bracelet and an emerald and platinum ring >>- Some of the Men and Women of the Stage

Negligee of rubies, pearls, turquoises and diamond shaped after the fashion of an Eastern temple bell - Viceroy Reading of India and the Countess Reading

Pendant with Aquamarines and Scotch Pearls - Inhabitants of Aberdeen

Pair of shoe buckles - Lady Alexander

Opera glasses set with diamonds - Aga Khan

Gild cross and chain - American Relief for European Children Fund

Gold vanity case - Lord Apsley

Pearl and Diamond Pendant >>- The Begum of Bhopal

Gold chain collar set through 5 green jade rings, each pierced with a diamond pin topped with large pearl - Mrs. Bischoffsheim

Diamond ring -Mrs Batty Braithwaite

Black pearls and damond pin -Admiral Sir Francis and Lady Bridgeman

Topaz and gold seals >>- Mr. Mrs Sidney Bridgeman

Coronet-shaped brooch, diamond and pearls - Colonel and Mrs Ronald Brooke, Moyra Ponsonby

Three gold safety pins in case - Mrs Brougham

String of amber beads - Professor Wallis Budge

Amber seal with sapphires -Mr and Mrs Cator

Case of 4 gold safety pins - Dame Rachel Cowdray

Gold flexible bracelet with four enamel flags - People of Cowes

Enamel on gold portrait pendant set in a rose-cut diamond border>> - People of Cheltenham

Wrist watch with pearls and diamonds - Cornelia Countess of Craven

Turquoise and diamond brooch >>- Colonel and Lady Eva Dugdale

Antique ring - Sir Almeric Fitzroy

Gold mohur - Mrs Sidney Forbes

Indian bracelet >>- Hon. Mrs. Greville

Heart-shaped crystal locket - Lady Feodora Gleichen and Lady Valda Machell

Fan with pearl sticks- Lady Goodrich Lord Ormath

Diamond Pendant >>- Officers, Warrant Officers, N.C.O.'s, and Guardsmen of the Brigade of Guards

Gold and enamel bracelet - Brigadier-General and Lady Sibyl Grant

Gold brooch with stones - Lee-on-the Solent and Working Mens Club

Diamond and ruby Tenderfoot Badge >> Girl Guides

Diamond and Sapphire brooch - Marquis d´Hautpoul

Diamond fringe tiara and diamond rivière>> - Lord and Lady Inchcape

Diamond marquise ring and diamond brooch - Earl of Iveagh

Diamond and ruby brooch - Sir John and Lady Lister-Kaye

Diamond greyhound brooch - King's Foreign Service Messengers

Diamond Brooch - Citizens of Liverpool

Diamond chain and drop pendant >> Citizens of London

Diamond and ruby brooch - Sir John and Lady Lister-Kaye

Diamond racehorse brooch -Mr Richard Marsh

Rope of pearls >>- Marys of the Empire

Large Cairngorm brooch - MacDougall Clan

Gold for wedding ring - Mr Pritchard Morgan

Diamond necklace>> - Lord and Lady Mountstephen

Gold pencil - Duke and Duchess of Northumberland

Gold muff chain, set with Egyptian scarabs -Mrs Henry Oppenheim

Emerald and Diamond fly brooch >> - Lord Ormathwaite

Magnifying glass mounted in gold -Marquis and Marchioness of Ormond

Gold link bracelet with stones - Harriet Phipps

Model of urn in silver set with rubies and emeralds - Viscout and Viscountess Powerscourt

Diamond peridot pendant and bracelet >> - Earl of Rosebery

Watch pendant set with diamonds - Lady Rothschild

Brooch from Vancouver made by donor - Miss H. M Scaborne

Diamond and emerald bracelet >> - The Fellows and Associates of the Royal Colonial Institut

17th century diamond Antique brooch and book "jewelry"- Mr H Clifford Smith

Gold chain and stone pendant - St John 1st Girl Guides

Painted brooch set with pearls - Babies of Stoneleigh Street

Gold jug - Lady Adelaide Taylor

Emerald and diamond tiara with large diamonds set in a shamrock pattern- VAD`s Tiara >>

Mary Seton brooch - Sir Charles and Lady Walpole

Antique Russian box studded with precious stones - Katherine Duchess of Westminster

Diamond and sapphire bar brooch, crystal centre with fox>> - Members of West Norfold Foxhounds

Scarab brooch - Sir Reginald and Lady Wingate

White pebble and gold mounted etui - Earl and Countess of Yarborough

Diamond badge brooch - Girl Guides of Canada

Sapphire and diamond brooch - Inhabitants of Windsor

Emerald and diamond brooch - County of Yorkshire>>

"Queen Mary Brooch" >> - Corporation of the City of Edinburgh

Thistle of Scotland forming a corsage ornament in emeralds and diamonds >> - Women of Glasgow

Amber, black coral and silver Hedjaz beads - Girl Guides of Egypt

A gold spade tea - Canada's gift to the Princess Mary


To the bridegroom from the bride:
A pair of antique silver dishes and a platinum gold watch chain set with pearls.

Sources: Christie's. Catalogue of Highly Important Jewels.. October 7, 1970. The Times, 22 Feb 1922; 28 Feb 1922; 04 Mar 1922; 07 Mar 1922, 08 Mar 1922; Boffer, RJM,


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