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The Princess Royal's Turquoise and Diamond Stomacher

Princess Mary probably received from the Colonel and Lady Eva Dugdale on the occasion of her marriage an antique turquoise and rose diamond stomacher.
It is composed of a turquoise collet and rose diamond leaf large cluster which forms the centre of a turquoise two-row and collet bar with small turquoise and rose diamond leafage cluster terminals, the bar enriched with a rose diamond leaf and riband top, the clusters supporting two graduated turquoise collet festoons with the centre cluster supporting a rose diamond turquoise kite-shaped panel, rose diamonds collet and cluster to the turquoise and rose diamond pear-shaped pendant drop, the two outer clusters supporting by a small rose diamond link a single pear-shaped turquoise collet, and the bar supporting on each side of the centre a gruaduated turquoise collet chain to the rose damond cluster, pear-shaped turquoise collet and rose diamond collet drop, a rose diamond leaf and pendant drop and another graduated turquoise collet chain with pear-shaped turquoise pendant drop. Mounted in silver and gold 12cm wide made in circa 1880. The late Victorian corsage ornament was auctioned in 1966 and again in 1995. There is no picture of the Princess Royal with the jewel. Above she is photographed in gala with her sapphires for the coronation in 1937.

West Forfolk Foxhounds wedding gift Princess Royal
The Princess Royal's Sapphire and Diamond Brooch - The Gift of the West Norfolk Foxhounds

On January 9, 1922, "the West Norfolk Foxhounds met at Sandringham…the field assembling on the Laycock, not far from York Cottage. . . . The King walked from York Cottage, and was joined by the Queen, Queen Alexandra, the Princess Royal and Princess Maud who arrived by motor cars. Princess Mary, the Duke of York, Prince Henry, and Princess Victoria were mounted.
Colonel Charles Seymour, the Master, on behalf of members of the hunt, presented Princess Mary with a wedding gift in the form of a diamond and sapphire brooch having in its centre a crystal plaque representing a fox's head."

The crystal plaque actually illustrates a running fox and it was sold at auction at Christie's in 1966. The catalogue description was "a diamond, sapphire and crystal brooch, composed of an oblong crystal plaque carved with a running fox with a calibre sapphire and diamond three-row section at the top and base, and flanked on each side by a single diamond line with graduated diamond lozenge-shaped collets and a diamond stirrup link enclosing five-diamond and one sapphire collet." It sold for £117.

Sources: The Times, 10 January 1922; 13 Jan 1922;Christie's Important Jewels June 29, 1966;

Special thanks to Uwe for the picture and Laura for the resarch and text!


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