Wedding-pictures of Marina Princess of Greece and Denmark and Georg Duke of Kent

Jewels from the gift-list:

1. the pearl & diamond tiara of 15 linked diamond circles with a pearl in the centre of each
(from Pss Nicholas) (see Munn Tiaras plates 286-287 pages 316-317)

2. the Diamond "Romanov" Bow Brooch and chains, a diamond earrings girandoles(from Pss Nicholas)

3. the 36 large Diamond Collet Necklace
(from George V) see on right, she wore it as bride.

4. the rectangular Diamond Brooch with the diagonal ruby and diamond motif in from of a bow across the centre of the brooch.
(from Queen Mary)

5. the Diamond Sautoir with detachable Pearl and Diamond drop (divisible into 4 bracelets)
(from King George V and Queen Mary)

6. Pearls (3 strands at the front and 2 at the back with 2 diamond motifs made from 372 historic family pearls; since converted into a five strand choker with the diamond motifs)
(from the Duke of Kent)

7. a pearl bracelet to complement item 6
(from the Duke of Kent)

8. a ruby and diamond sautoir with matching ruby and diamond earrings>>
(from the Duke of Kent)

9. a ruby and diamond bracelet>>
(from the Duke of Kent)

10. an oblong diamond brooch with square cluster centre and link ends
(from Queen Mary) (worn by Pss Marina on her wedding dress - small pic above)

11. a diamond bandeau tiara - no mention about whether the centre element is removable "...an all-diamond scroll pattern tiara with a brilliant cluster centre and an entourage (sic) of baguette diamonds"
(from the Duke of Kent)

12. a ruby and diamond brooch>>
(from the Duke of Kent)

13. a Pair of Diamond Drop Earrings Girandoles Audrey Whiting in The Kents: A Royal Family, 1985 writes that the Duke of Kent gave this gift, total 8 pieces of jewellery are given by the Duke of Kent to his bride.

14.Diamond Fringe Tiara mounted in gold and set in silver.This jewel is unusual in that it flares at the sides to charming effect, and unlike many other tiaras in kokoshnik style, it does not dismantle to make a necklace.
(given by the City of London)

15. a pair of platinum and diamond earrings (from the city of Birmingham)

Marina's gifts to George were a set of 4 ruby buttons and a leather-covered gold cigarette box with monogram G and a crown.

An official booklet listing the 1,048 names of people who had given wedding gifts was published.
-Princess Victoria has sent a black onyx cigarette box with marcassite fastening, -Prince Henry XXXIII of Reuss a jewelled box,
- the grand duke Dimitri a small jewelled
-King and Queen of Norway a blue enamel box.
- jade and diamond cigarette box from Boucheron with jewelled clasp and hinges.
-massive jewellery - witness Herz clip of chalcedony and sapphires mounted in platinum.
- vanity case of "styptor" from La Minauderie, set with sapphires and brilliants
-black suede Cartier bag, tortoiseshell clasps and the bride´s distinguished monogramm in gold.pictures and more >>

Engagement Ring /Verlobungsring
The Duke selecting pieces for his wife with a connoisseur`s eye.
His choice of engagement ring- a seven carat emerald-cut sapphire from Kashmir, shouldered by single baguette diamonds an mounted in platinum - like many other pieces reflected his exquisite taste more

Schmuck und Juwelen des Herzogs und der Herzogin von Kent
Jewellery and Treasures of the Dukes of Kent

princess marina of greece denmark princess marina of greece denmark princess marina of greece denmark princess marina of greece denmark princess marina of greece denmark DIADEM princess marina of greece denmark

Above Marina Princess of Kent, born Princess of Greece- Denkmark. She wore the diamond fringe tiara present of the citizen of London, (I read onced that she wore the fringe tiara of her grandmother Grand Duchess Wladimir, this is not proofed, but the Raja of Puttokai bought Grand Duchess Vladimirs tiara.

Rani of Pudukota's Tiara that had been bought from Miechen Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna Vladimir, in 1920, then resold by the Rani in 1934 for 2,000 pounds to the City of London Corporation to be given as a wedding gift to Marina.
Not proofed at all, for all jewel experts,yet. 2009)

Wedding gifts given to Marina, the late Duchess of Kent

The one room completely shine of jewels and expensive showpieces. Below spotlights the gift of King George is placed, a necklace of 36 big and excellent diamonds, which look like as one only fire shine. In view of that the gift of Queen Mary shows, a diamond set consist of a tiara with two enormous sapphires in the middle and diamonds on the sides, three neck jewels, two brooches, a necklace and a pair of earrings.

The Duke of Kent gives to his bride, a several beautiful and expensive jewellery of diamonds, pearls and rubies. The one is a tiara, with diamonds and whose middle part can be exchange by rubies. He also gives a bracelet of diamonds and rubies, a necklace of diamonds with a big ruby and pearl earrings.

The King and Queen further gives to their daughter-in-law a long diamond necklace and a big brooch with rubies in the middle and diamonds on the sides. A third tiara with diamonds and pearls the bride will receive from her parents, and the fourth in Russian model from the City of London.Source: SVENSKA DAGBLADET November 28th 1934 (Swedish newspaper, no photo)

The Illustrated London News, Wedding Number, No. 4989, Vol 185, December 1, 1934, pages 884-885 has wonderfully clear and large pictures of some of the royal jewellery given as wedding gifts, including the Cambridge sapphire and diamond parure.

The photograph clearly shows the Cambridge tiara with the seven high upright diamond & sapphire motifs. In addition to the tiara, the parure from Queen Mary consists of a pair of sapphire and diamond bracelets, the long sapphire & diamond cluster necklace with the detachable pendant drop, three sapphire & diamond brooches and a pair of cluster and drop earrings.
(Munn, Tiaras, page 188, plate 169 Princess Marina is wearing the tiara, the necklace with the pendant, two of the brooches and a bracelet from the Cambridge sapphire appearing exactly as they did in the Illustrated London News photograph).

One of the wedding gifts - the pearls once owned by the Duchess of Teck were given by Queen Mary.
"James Ogden arranged the diamond clasps so that she can wear them as a long or short necklace." - so says the caption in Royal Weddings in Vogue 1934

Katherine Duchess of Kent wearing a Aqamarine Tiara

Marina Duchess of Kent and the Duke are very closed to Princess of Louise, Duchess of Argyll, after the death of the Princess, a lot of her jewels are given by her last will to the Kents such as the large emerald with diamonds made as a brooche and the diamond daisies brooches

Marina Duchess of Kent wearing large diamond stars - Queen Alexandras famous stars??

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