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Diamond and Pearl Cartier Tiara| Princess Anastasia of Greece

Above, a Diamond loop tiara, worn by Princess Anastasia of Greece, made for her by Cartier in 1913 when she was Mrs. Leeds. The pear-shaped diamonds in this magnificent jewels weighed 70,16 ct, the pendant pearls 221 gr. , she wore it together with a valuable string of pearls and bracelets. This tiara is similar to the loop tiara of Grand Duchess Vladimir, now in the possession of Queen Elisabeth II.

Painted in London during the Princess’s long engagement to Prince Christopher while she was still known by her late husband’s name, Mrs Leeds, the artist used his fluid lines and sensual touch to reveal the sitter’s personality. Boldini was able to coax an intimate connection between his model and her audience, whatever her status, that gave his portraits a memorable immediacy and true modernity.

Famed the world over for his fabulously sensual and dynamic portraits of the beautiful and wealthy women of the beau monde, Giovanni Boldini imbued his 1917 portrayal of Princess Anastasia of Greece with all the passionate energy, fluid brushstrokes and flatteringly elongated forms that had established him alongside John Singer Sargent as the most successful international portrait painter of his day. This Picture is offered on auction on 15 th November 2006 by Sothebys.
MEASUREMENTS 221 by 119.5cm LIAN, 1842-1931 400,000—600,000 GBP

Born Nonnie May Stewart, also known as Nancy Stewart, the future Princess Anastasia of Greece was the daughter of William Charles Stewart and Mary Holden Stewart of Cleveland, Ohio. Twice married, before, Anastasia’s engagement in 1914 to Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark, brother of Constantine I of Greece, created legal complications that delayed their marriage by six years. Her first marriage to George H. Worthington lasted barely four years before she was married to her second husband William Bateman Leeds, a tin millionaire.

After his death in 1908, Anastasia (Anastasia was the name she acquired when she became a Greek princess in her own right) inherited his sizeable fortune which in turn she used to help the Greek Royal Family during their exile in the 1920s.
On marrying her third husband on 1 January 1920 in Vevey, Switzerland, Anastasia became daughter-in-law to George I of Greece and Olga Konstantinova Romanov, Queen of Greece and Grand Duchess of Russia, thus re-affirming her status as one of the most wealthy and powerful women of her day. While no children were borne from her third and final marriage, Princess Anastasia and Prince Christopher had a son from her previous marriage, William Bateman Leeds Jr, who was married a year after his mother to Kseniya Georgiievna Romanov, Princess of Russia.

Nancy died of cancer not long after the wedding (less than three years later, in 1923) and her money and possessions were divided between her son and her husband. Later Christopher married Francoise of Orleans and had a son, Prince Michael of Greece. They are members of the Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg Royal House.

source: sothebys

Princess Anastasia | Petit-Point Platinum Bandeau of Cartier 1912


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