PATIÑO Emerald Necklace & Royal Emerald Cross

Smaragdkreuzcollier von Cartier London aus dem Jahr 1937, das Halsband und Kette bestehen aus runden Diamanten und 15 Smaragden von 134,45 Karat und das anhängende Smaragdkreuz der Königin Isabella von Spanien hat 45,02 Karat. Die Geschichte zu dieser Kette die im November in Genf 2013 versteigert wird:

Die französiche Kaiserin Eugenie vererbte das Smaragdkreuz geschnitten aus einem Smaragd, an Königin Victoria-Eugenie von Spanien,  Van Cleef & Arpels erwarb es in den 1960ern:

patino necklace

This impressive necklace of Royal inspiration was designed by Cartier London in 1937 after they had purchased a rare emerald cross of 45 carats from Queen Eugenia Victoria of Spain.
Carved from one single gem, the cross, named ‘The Andean cross’ had belonged to Queen Isabel II of Spain as well as to Empress Eugenie of France. To honour this extremely rare gem, Cartier selected over 100 carats of the best emeralds available at the time to create the stunning emerald and diamond necklace(now on offer at Christie’s Geneva in November).
The South American provenance of the emeralds, the historic ‘Andean cross’ and the magnificent quality of the diamonds and emeralds charmed Simon Patiño who purchased the necklace for his wife in January 1938. At a later date the cross was purchased by Van Cleef & Arpels and the necklace was shortened in order to create a pair of matching earrings.
These exceptional pieces feature rare gems of supreme quality, once owned by ‘The Tin King’, embody his taste and that of the fabulous and powerful dynasty he founded.The highlight of the Patiño Collection was this magnificent emerald and diamond necklace, by Cartier (estimate: SFr.6.6-9.4 million / US$ 7-10 million) .