Princess Beatrice Emerald Jewels | Infanta Beatrice, Duchess of Galliera Emerald Necklace

Princess Beatrice of Saxon-Coburg-Gotha-Infanta of Spain, Beatrice of orleans bourbon, Baby Bee jewels, emerald necklace and emerald brooches, emerald sautoir,emerald collier,romanov emeralds from Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna her mothers wedding gift of the tsar. Romanov Jewels - Emerald Stomacher, Emerald Devante de Corsage, Russian Brooches Fernbrooch with diamond and Emerald
Princess Beatrice of Saxon-Coburg-Gotha Infanta of Spain, Beatrice of orleans bourbon

…..long emerald „pendentifs“ hanging on both sides of her face. Some superb emeralds and diamonds completed her attire…..the round emeralds were from the collection of his mother-in-law Infanta Eulalia of Spain.

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