Fürstin zu Waldeck-Pyrmont | Schmuck |Heirloom Jewels

Princess Helene of Nassau | Princess of Waldeck – Pyrmont

Duchess of Albany Wedding | Heirloom Jewels Fürstin Helene zu Waldeck-Pyrmont, Prinzessin von Nassau || Duchess Helene of Waldeck - Pyrmont, Princess of Nassau
Duchess of Albany Wedding | Heirloom Jewels Fürstin Helene zu Waldeck-Pyrmont, Prinzessin von Nassau || Duchess Helena of Waldeck – Pyrmont, Princess of Nassau

Als die Tochter von Fürstin Helene von Waldeck-Pyrmont Hochzeit feierte, trug die Brautmutter den bedeutenden Hausschmuck –  der Fürstenfamilie, der bis ins Jahr 2003 von den Fürstinnen und Prinzessinnen getragen wurde.
Auf dem Gemälde der kirchlichen Trauung ist sie links von der Braut zu sehen, neben Ihrer 2. Tochter – Königin Emma der Niederlande.

Anlässlich der verschiedenen Feierlichkeiten, legte die neue Herzogin von Albany, auch anderen kostbaren Schmuck an, wie auch die Schmuck-Geschenke Ihrer Familie und liess sich damit abbilden. Die folgenden Links zeigen eine Vielzahl der Präsente:

Duchess of Albany Wedding | Heirloom Jewels Fürstin Helene zu Waldeck-Pyrmont, Princess of Nassau

Princess Waldeck -Pyrmonts Portrait a gift of the Queen | Geschenkeliste zur Vermählung in Deutsch

Rose of York Diamond Brooch | Duchess of Albany Jewels | Brautschmuck der Herzogin von Albany

Princess Alice of Athlone Jewels | Helen Duchess of Albany | Fuchsia Diamond Wedding brooch

Fringe Collier of Diamonds of the Duchess of Albany | Erbprinzessin von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha Hochzeitschmuck




Queen Mary Jewels | Imperial Presents -Royal Wedding Gifts

History of the enormous jewel collection of Queen Mary

Formed of seven brilliant-set panels, each with an amatory trophy of bow, quiver and torch in a laurel-wreath oval suspended from a ribbon-tie, framed by foliate brilliant-set bands.
This delicately constructed collar, in the Louis XVI style, was made in March
1901 for Queen Mary when Duchess of Cornwall and York, at the beginning of the reign of King Edward VII. It was probably made by R. & S. Garrard & Co., with diamonds in Gold 6 × 34 cm
The diamonds were taken from a scroll and ribbon-pattern collar*, which itself had been made with stones taken from seven 12-pointed stars and a pair of diamond star earrings, given by Queen Mary’s grandmother, the Duchess of Cambridge, in 1885. These gifts, in 1885, were presumably to mark the Princess’s 18th birthday.
Diamonds were also removed from a floral diamond spray given by her aunt, Augusta, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, in the same year 1885.

Queen Mary, like her mother-in-law Queen Alexandra, favoured deep collar necklaces for most of her life, due to her long slim neck and the high fashion of the time. The style was not adopted either by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to whom the necklace was given when Duchess of York, or by The Queen, who inherited it in 2002, who has worn it only once.
* No reference has been found to the creation of this necklace in the Garrard ledgers; the firm supplied four diamonds and repaired it early in 1902 (Garrard RL51, fol. 266, 30 January 1902, £1 15s). Equally, there is no reference to this necklace in the Cartier archive (an attribution suggested in Munn 2001, p. 133).**
Queen Mary's Jewels | Wedding present from the Duke of Westminster Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wears a bandeau set with four large diamonds interspersed with laurel leaf designs  the bandeau
Wedding gift from the Duke of Westminster, made as a necklace with small leaves and large diamonds with surroundings. Queen Mary wore the Westminster Gift, as small tiara with her famous Diamond TROPHY-OF -LOVE Collar.


Queen Mary’s jewellery | jewel wedding gift list

For her marriage in 1893 to the Duke of York, the future George V, the Princess received a very considerable quantity of jewellery; the majority was of diamonds and pearls.
Generous gifts from her family and from the extended royal family vied with spectacular offerings from all round the United Kingdom and across the Empire.

Among the more significant jewels, exhibited at the Imperial Institute, were three tiaras, twenty-six bracelets, forty-four brooches and fifteen necklaces**.


  1. Diamonds :  


Rose of York Brooch | Rose of York Brooch with enamel | Gift to the bridemaids from new weds
Rose of York Brooch | Gift to the bridemaids at the royal wedding



  • An ornament set in diamonds which belonged to Princess Elizabeth Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg 




  • A three-row diamond bracelet from the Marquis of Northampton (Seen) 
  • A diamond bracelet – by the Fishmongers‘ Company  
  • A diamond and scroll cluster bracelet from the Countess and two ladies of Fitzwilliam  
  • A three-diamond collet wire bangle from The Rajah and Ranee of Cooch Behar (Seen)  
  • A twisted gold bangle, with diamond ball-ends from The Rajah and Ranee of Sarawak  
  • A gold bracelet with diamond centre Mr. & Mrs Arthur Kennard 


  • Shoe Buckles in diamonds – The Hon. Charles Bourke  



  • A diamond ring
    „Town of Windsor Ring“ Diamond ring from the Mayor and People of Windsor three-stone ring brilliants (passing to The Queen in 2002)


  1. Pearls :  
  • A diamond  and pearl tiara  – the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland – later given to her granddaughter Elisabeth II  



  • Five row pearl necklace given by her husband the Duke of York
  • A magnificent necklace of three rows of pearls with diamond clasp was presented by 23 counties – it was valued at £6000 Sterling
  • A pearl necklace with diamond clasp from the Ladies of Glasgow consists of 51 pearls, graduated from the centre, with the largest being about the size of an ordinary pea. The length of the necklace is 14 inches. The clasp consists of eleven diamonds set in gold. The pearls were valued at 930 pounds and the total cost was close to 1000 pounds (The Scotsman, 30 June 1893) Messrs R.+W.Sorley  
  • A pearl necklace of fifty five fine pearls with lozenge-shape diamonds – diamond clasp – presented by a thousand of her Majesty’s subjects  
  • A pearl necklace – County of Kent



  • A magnificent diamond and pearl bracelet from the Indian Princess  
  • A large diamond and two-pearl wire bangle bracelet from the King and Queen of Würtemberg (Seen) 
  • A pearl and diamond bracelet from Lord and Lady Burton (seen) 
  • A watch studded with pearl and diamond from Lord and Lady Rotschild  


  • A pearl and diamond ring, designed by Collingwood, presented by Princes Adolphus, Francis and Alexander of Teck to her sister  


  1. Turquoise 
  • A turquoise and diamond bracelet from Lord and Lady Burton (Seen)  
  • A gold scarf ring with turquoise and diamonds from Lady Borthwick  


  1. Emeralds :
  • Cross of the 17th century, a trinket very much in fashion in Wedding Present Emerald Cross late 16th centuryolden times with our fair Norman kinswomen and in a case adorned with the two Sons of William the Conqueror. It has been sent from Neufchatel-en-Bray, an old town founded by Henry I of England and has been presented by Captain Le Clerc, of the French Embassy, in whose family it has been for many years
  1. Ruby : 


  • A peridot, ruby and diamond peacock feather brooch with a small bow from the Ex-Queen Isabella of Spain (Beth) 
  • Two entwined snakes with wings as brooch diamonds and rubies from Mr. Henry Chaplin  
  • Diamond and ruby brooch given by Mr Chaplin



  • A ruby and diamond cluster and trellis pattern bracelet from Princess Catherine of Würtemberg  
  • A gold chain bracelet set with rubies and diamonds from Sir Henry Hawkins (70) Ruby Diamond Watch Wedding present to Queen Mary
  • A gold bangle with a heart of rubies from Lady Elizabeth Taylor  
  • Watch bracelet in diamonds and rubies – Mr Gillett see on right>>
  • diamond and ruby sleeve-links from the Hon Copplestone and Mrs Bampfylde  




  1. Sapphire : 


  • Ruby, sapphire and diamond b0angle bracelet from George, Duke of York (seen) 
  • A large cabochon sapphire and diamond curb-chain bracelet from the Emperor and Empress of Russia
  • A sapphire and diamond bracelet from Mr and Mrs Frederick Wigan  
  • A sapphire and diamond bracelet gift from the Worshipful Company of fishmongers  
  • A pair of sapphire and diamond sleeve links from the Earl and Countess Cowper (Seen) 


  • an emerald and sapphire brooch from the Earl Fritzwilliam – no this is wrong – there is the wheelbrooch 
  • An emerald and sapphires ring from her three brothers. (Sold during the sale) (seen) 


  1. Others : 


  • A 17th century hair comb from Baroness Yon Doup  



  • An amethyst and topaz bracelet – Lord & Lady Burton 


  • A half-hoop bracelet from the County of Sussex 
  • A gold curb-chain bracelet, with jubilee Institute Medal from Sir Somers Vine and the Staff of the Imperial Institue  


  • A little gold watch and chain inclosed in a small glass case formerly in the possession of the Empress Josephine from Dr Chittenden. 
  • A small birthday book bound in gold and tortoiseshell, containing a miniature in ivory of the royal family and bearing a coronet and short inscription in diamonds and enamel – from the Baron and Baroness Lowenstein. 
  • A bird in gold and enamel box – Sir Henry and Lady Meysey-Thomson  
  • A lace parasol with carved pin coral handle – from the Italian ambassador and Lady Tornielli  


Thank you to Franck – for this list of Royal Jewel wedding presents.

update 2-4-2024

Wedding present to Queen Mary from the members of the British Embassy in Berlin Silver-gilt, straight-sided, quatrefoil-shaped box, with hinged lid, mounted with a red glass and diamond-set scarab and four stylised fleurs-de-lys
Wedding present to Queen Mary from the members of the British Embassy in Berlin Silver-gilt, straight-sided, quatrefoil-shaped box, with hinged lid, mounted with a red glass and diamond-set scarab and four stylised fleurs-de-lys

Diamond-set scarab and four stylised fleurs-de-lys Silver-gilt, straight-sided, quatrefoil-shaped box, with hinged lid, mounted with a red glass; from the members of the British Embassy in Berlin.

Gold Opera Glass from Tiffany with diamonds and pearls Sir Augustus and Lady Harris,
Town of Swansea diamond crescent brooch

**Source:Queens Diamonds,Hugh Roberts; thanks to Laura!

Fringe Diamond Tiara Queen Victoria | Princess Beatrice Jewels

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Fringe Sunray Tiara given to her daughter Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom. Below a picture of the Queen wearing the fringe tiara together with her diamond earpendants, diamond necklace, diamond brooches and diamond ear of wheat brooches.

Queen Victoria Diamond Fringe Sunray Tiara  Princess Beatrice of Battenberg, Coronation Tiara -
Queen Victoria Diamond Fringe Sunray Tiara| Teck Ears of Wheat in Diamonds

More details of the jewels of Princess Beatrice >>

Prinzessin Beatrice von Battenberg erhielt von Ihrer Mutter der Königin von England ein Fringe „Fransen“ Diadem aus Diamanten, das für Königin Victoria im Jahr 1866 gefertigt wurde. Es hatte eine Basis von Diamant Meander. Es war eine der wenigen Diademe, die Königin Victoria bis ins späte Alter trug, weil es leicht gearbeitet war und im Gegensatz zu den grossen Diademen ihr keine Kopfschmerzen bereitete. Zusammen mit grossen Diamant Ohrringen, einem Diamant-Halsband, mehreren kleineren Broschen und Diamant Ährenbroschen ist sie auf einem offiziellen Bild zum Kronjubiläum dargestellt.

The Sunray Diamond Tiara | The Starbust Brooches and Halfmoons – from the the golden casket a gift of the Amir of Afghanistan

Die Königin Victoria besaß noch andere „Fringe“ Fransen oder Strahlen Diademe…

zum Teil vererbt aus der Familie wie auch diese:

More Fringe Tiara Jewels:

Fife Diamond Fringe Tiara Diadem | Royal Jewels of England – Wedding Princess Royal | Louise of Wales

Duchess of Kent Fringe Tiara | Mother of Queen Victoria  wedding gift to Princess Arthur of Connaught | Princess Louise

Connaught Fringe Tiara  | Wedding present to Lady Patricia Romsay

Connaught Fringe Tiara Necklace | Prinzessin Louise von Preussen | Herzogin von Connaught

Diamond Stomacher with Fringes| Chaumet | Devante de Corsage| Large Diamond Fringe Tiara Kokoshnik| Grand Duchess Vladimir

Diamond Stomacher with Fringes| Chaumet | Devante de Corsage| Large Diamond Fringe Tiara Kokoshnik| Grand Duchess Vladimir