Princess Beatrice of Great Britain and Ireland | Wedding Jewels

New details and information about  the Wedding Presents & Marriage Gifts of Princess Bebattenberg-princess-beatrice-royalatrice of Great Britain and Ireland are added to the Royal Magazin websites.
And we have changed the picture of the royal bride with her jewels and stars with diamonds, the presents of her mother the Queen Victoria.
Princess Beatrice of Great Britain and Ireland | Royal Wedding Jewels

Die Hochzeitsgeschenke der Prinzessin Beatrice von Grossbritannien und Nordirland

Tiara with diamonds and Sapphires | Prinzessin Beatrice von Battenberg

Indian turquoise and pearl necklace | Türkis und Perlenschmuck|  Prinzessin Beatrice

The Princess Beatrice – Pearls | Perlenschmuck

Diamond Tassel Brooches | Die Drei Broschen mit Diamant Quasten

Strawberry Leaf Coronet | Tiara Queen Victoria | Königin Viktoria mit dem Orginal Rubin-Diamant Diadem>>

Strawberry Leaf Coronet | Tiara Queen Victoria Eugenia | Königin Victoria Eugenia mit dem Rubin – Diamant Diadem >>

Strawberry Leaf Coronet | Tiara Princess Beatrice | Prinzessin Beatrice von Battenberg mit dem Diamant-Diadem>>

Strawberry Leaf Coronet |Tiara | Marchioness von Carisbrooke mit dem Diamant-Diadem>>

Kaiserliche Hochzeitskronen – Brautkronen | Imperial Nuptial Wedding Crown

The Imperial Prussian Princess Crown with Diamonds

Brautkrone des Hauses Hannover
Diamant Brautkrone der Prinzessinnen des Hauses Hannover

Hochzeitskrone/Brautkrone des Hauses Preussen – Hohenzollern


Royal Hanoverian Nuptial Crown
Brautkrone | Hochzeitskrone des Hauses Hannover:


left the crown,worne by the Princesses of Hanover, like Friederike of Hanover the future Queen of Greece.
Die  Prinzess Friederike von Hannover, trägt die Brautkrone ihrer Familie, anlässlich Ihrer Hochzeit mit dem König von Griechenland.

Queen Victorias Fabergé Sapphire Brooch | Royal Jewels

The Diamond Jubilee Sapphire and Diamond Brooch | Jewels of Queen Victoria

Four of Princess Alice’s surviving children and their spouses gave their grandmother a magnificent diamond and sapphire brooch. The Emperor and Empress of Russia, the Grand Duke and Duchess of Hesse, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna “Ella” and the Grand Duke Serge along with Princess Victoria and Prince Louis of Battenberg’s gift was

“…a brooch with an open pendant heart of diamonds, bearing in the centre the number „60“ in Slavonic characters. It has on the top a cabochon sapphire and there are two large sapphire drops.”    Queen Victorias Fabergé Sapphire Brooch | Royal Jewels weiterlesen

Princess Royal Mary | Countess of Harewood Imperial Pearls & Jewels

Hochzeitsgeschenke | Schmuck Prinzessin Royal Mary 
Wedding presents and gifts to Princess Royal Mary Countess of Harewood

Diamond and Pearl Pendant

The Begum of Bhopal presented to Princess Mary a pearl pendant, which was a popular piece of jewellery at the time.

But another source for royal and imperial jewels, the list of jewels sold after the death of the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, gives us the following information.

A valuation of the Dowager Empress‘ jewelry prepared by Hennell and Sons listed as item number 6 was a „Necklace of 144 pearls (small) with large drop pearl“ sold to Lord Lascelles on 19th July 1929 for £1,615.   Imperial Necklace and Pearl drop

Cartier presented  a pearl drop (or a pearl like this 166 Grain) at the Biennale des Antiquaires 2014 in Paris – with an new designed necklace.

Wedding gifts to Mary Princess Royal | Viscountess Lascelles | Countess Harewood>>

The Princess Royal’s Sapphires – The King George V Sapphire Parure, Necklace and Pendant>>

The Princess Royal’s Sapphires – Queen Victoria’s Sapphire and Diamond tiara>>

The Princess Royal’s Sapphires – The Imperial Sapphire Necklace of Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna>>

Mary The Princess Royal’s Emerald Cabochon jewels – Engagement Ring>>

The Princess Royal’s Emeralds – The Royal Navy Negligé and the Yorkshire County Brooch>>

VAD`s Tiara| Emerald and diamond tiara with large diamonds set in a shamrock pattern >>

Lavalliere | The Citizens of the City of London Diamond Chain and Pendant >>

The Princess Royals‘ Diamonds – Diamond Clasp, Brooch, Pendant>>

The Princess Royals‘ Turquoise Diamond Stomacher and Foxhound Brooch>>

Mary Princess Royal | Pearls and Pearl Ropes>>

Harewood- Lascelles Diamond feather brooches>>

Princess Mary | Queen Mary’s Diamond Jewels>>

The Princess Royal’s Diamonds – The Lord and Lady Inchcape Diamond Fringe tiara and necklace>>

Princess Mary Diamond Jewels | Queen Alexandra’s Butterfly Brooch >>

Princess Mary Diamond Scroll Tiara | Queen Mary’s Sapphire Brooch >>