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The Diamond Jubilee Sapphire and Diamond Brooch | Jewels of Queen Victoria| Hesse Grandchildren

Four of Princess Alice’s surviving children and their spouses gave their grandmother a magnificent diamond and sapphire brooch. The Emperor and Empress of Russia, the Grand Duke and Duchess of Hesse, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna “Ella” and the Grand Duke Serge along with Princess Victoria and Prince Louis of Battenberg’s gift was

“…a brooch with an open pendant heart of diamonds, bearing in the centre the number „60“ in Slavonic characters. It has on the top a cabochon sapphire and there are two large sapphire drops.”   

In 1897 Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland (1819-1901) celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of her reign.  Among many other presents, the Queen received a brooch commissioned from Fabergé by Victoria’s grandchildren from Hesse-Darmstadt.

An addition to my website from the year 2012, details from the Russian State Historical Archives (Fund of Chancellery of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna) in St. Petersburg.List 5
This is a mistake, they must only give 100 Rubels, which makes 200 Marks. Please, keep the 100 Rubels (the other kindly return) and when I get the rest, Fabergé must have it
100  Rubels Pr And Pr-ss Battenberg
200  Rubels Gr D and Gr Duchess of Hesse
300  Rubels Gr D and Gr Duchess Serge
400  Rubels The Emperor and I1000 Rubels
You must take the 200 rub from my sums and 200 rub from the Emperor’s.
We gave Fabergé the 3 saphires (sic) from the «Cabinet» for the brooch.“

Galina Korneva and Tatiana Cheboksarova have found this note written in English by the Empress.

The Hesse Coronation Jubilee brooch had also, six big diamonds (4 8/32 carats), 60 smaller diamonds and roses and three cabochon sapphires (27 2/32 carats).

It is interesting to note that the couples gave different sums. The file in the Archives includes letters confirming the money was sent and received in time.

After  Queen Victoria’s death, this piece was inherited by her daughter, Princess Helena. For a long time the brooch was not seen in public, since the Duchess of Cornwall is now wearing the sapphire diamond brooch from time to time.

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