Princess Ira in wedding gown

Prince Alfonso and mother in Gondola.

Gathering of guests (European aristocracy).  Princess Ira in wedding gown stepping into gondola, a man helps her with veil.   Princess in gondola. GV. Princess and bridesmaid in gondola (several shots). GV. Canal. GV. Princess in gondola on way to churchVenetian palace on canal, people watching. TV. Crowds on canal side, & TV. SCU. Bride and groom. TV. Bride and groom in gondola with bridesmaid. GV. Crowd. TV. Bride and groom. LV. Bride and groom arriving at jetty. TV. Couple in gondola  Bride and groom at reception. SCU. Princess with groom’s mother in garden. TV. Bride and groom with his mother. Crowd at reception,   Guests. Various shots of guests. LV. Guests in garden.

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