Wild Roses Diamond Tiara Diadem | Imperial und Diamant Parure | Empress Elisabeth of Austria| Habsburg

Wildroses Diamond Tiara Diadem | Imperiale und Diamant Parure | Elisabeth of Austria Habsburg Schmuck Royal and Imperial Jewels
Marylou Whitney Wild roses Diamond Tiara Diadem | Imperial Diamant Parure | Empress Elisabeth of Austria Habsburg  Royal and Imperial Jewels
The New York Times notes in history:
The then and now Mrs C.V. Whitney, Mary Lou Hosford, was robbed of $780 000 worth of Whitney jewels, heirlooms for the most part.
Emeralds, turquoise and diamond necklaces and sapphires and rubies.
It was the biggest crime story ever to hit Saratoga.
I hope she didn’t lose her wonderful and amazing wild roses tiara, which she wore on opening the Metropolitan Opera in NY.
It was not the ruby bandeau, of the Empress Sissi  (which I had on the picture to compare).
It was similar but not the same, it looks like more the earlier sketch made by Jeweler Köchert, see on top.

The daughter-in-law of Gertrude Vanderbilt Payne Whitney, sister of Gladys Moore Vanderbilt (1886–1965), who married Count László Széchenyi (1879–1938), which had very good connections to the imperial court of Vienna, so it could be absolutely true, it had an imperial history.

The story behind the diamond roses‘ tiara – of Marylou Vanderbilt Whitney…

Wild Roses Diamond Tiara Diadem Empress Sissi 

Imperiale und Diamant Parure | Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich  Habsburg 

Royal and Imperial Jewels

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