Greville Diamond and Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara | Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding

Princess Eugenie, daughter of the Duke of York and his former wife Duchess Sarah, on her wedding day, wearing the Greville Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara, lent by her grandmother the Queen.

The royal tiara was made for Mrs Greville a famous jewellery collector, by Boucheron and bequeted to Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1942, she wore it not in public, „In the bad time“… instead after the war.

Closed friends, from the beginning – Margaret Greville rose to become a millionairess and prominent society hostess and friend to the royalty and politicians. A ‚beeress‘, her father making millions from McEwans lager, following an advantageous marriage to one of Edward VII’s best friends, Captain Ronald Greville, Mrs. Greville created two magnificent houses, Polesden Lacy  now National Trust  and  the  opulent luxury, 16 Charles Street, Mayfair.
Mrs. „Ronnie“ Greville  courtship the Mountbattens and the Duke and Duchess of York, who became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and in fact,  both are honeymooned at Polesden Lacy. Among her friends she numbered Edward VII, Queen Mary, George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Queen Ena, Sir Ernest Cassel, the Rothschild and Mussolini. She lived  of tumultuous historic events, as  the halcyon years of the Edwardian era, the Roaring 20s, the Depression, two World Wars, and the London Blitz.

Dame Greville had no children and originally intended to leave – a lot of her jewellery was beyond beautiful, was bequeathed to the Royal Family who still wear it,

Greville Emerald Tiara Kokoshnik Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding
Greville Emerald Tiara Kokoshnik Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding Greville bequest –

Greville Emerald Tiara Kokoshnik Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding Mrs Greville wore the tiara on some royal occassion, as well as pictured on top in the second row in 1937, like a bandeau.

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