Queen Alexandra’s Aquamarine Cloak Clasp|Faberge Brooch |England Royal Jewel History

A previously undisclosed Fabergé Brooch emerged into public view when Queen Camilla adorned herself with a heritage piece of Queen Alexandra on the 11th of March, in celebration of Commonwealth Day. This remarkable piece revealed two portions of what are three components of a royal Fabergé Cloak Clasp.

The tradition of gifting, particularly for occasions such as birthdays and Easter, saw her receiving numerous presents from her sister, Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia. The Empress held a particular preference for the exquisite craftsmanship of Fabergé for such esteemed events.

Queen Alexandra's Aquamarine brooch- Cloak Clasp with heart pendant with diamond frames and chain setted with diamonds - Faberge - later given to Queen Mary of England Royal Jewel History - Britsh royals - U.K. Queen Camilla of Great Britain and Ireland - British royal jewelry, royalty,aquamarine, hearts heartshaped Aquamarine pendant, round pendant, trelliswork - Queens Brooch
Queen Alexandra’s Aquamarine Brooch an exquisite cloak clasp adorned with a heart pendant, encased within frames of lustrous diamonds, and complemented by a chain meticulously set with diamonds. This remarkable piece, believed to have been crafted by the renowned Fabergé around 1904 , later became a part of Queen Mary of England’s Royal Jewel Collection. To enrich our exploration, let us also consider the third component of this regal jewel, inviting a comprehensive appreciation of its historical and artistic significance.

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