Empress Farah DiBa | Turquoise Parure Imperial Gown

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Turquoise and diamond necklace | Imperial Shah Jewels  
Turquoise diamond Tiara Turquoise Parure Persian Imperial Court Schah of Persia
White silk finely embroidered with applications and geometric ornamentation in blue and silver. White silk lining. Length 135 cm.
Farah Diba, the third wife of the Iranian Shah Reza Pahlavi, became Queen by marriage in 1959 and Empress of Iran (Shahbanu) following the coronation in 1967.
She wore this very gown at numerous state occasions throughout the 1960s and 70s, which is documented in scores of official photographs. For example, she wore it in 1972 for the state visit of President Nixon in Iran. As she wore this design frequently and over many years, it is safe to assume that she owned several versions of the same gown.
Provenance: Comes with a personal letter from the Embassy of the Imperial State of Iran in Bonn, dated 1975, confirming the origin of the gown.

Weiße Seide mit fein gestickten Applikationen mit geometrischem Dekor in Blau und Silber. Weißes Seidenfutter. Länge 135 cm. Farah Diba, dritte Frau des iranischen Schahs Reza Pahlavi, wurde durch ihre Heirat 1959 zur Königin und durch die Krönung 1967 zur iranischen Kaiserin (Schahbanu). Das hier vorliegende Kleid wurde von ihr auf zahlreichen Staatsanlässen der 60er und 70er Jahre getragen und ist auf zahlreichen offiziellen Bildern dokumentiert. Unter anderem trug sie es 1972 anlässlich des Besuchs von Präsident Nixon im Iran. Da dieser Entwurf von ihr häufig und über viele Jahre getragen wurde, ist davon auszugehen, dass sie mehre Exemplare desselben Kleides besaß. Provenienz: Dabei persönliches Übersendungsschreiben der Kaiserlichen Iranischen Botschaft in Bonn aus dem Jahr 1975, in dem die Herkunft des Kleides bestätigt wird.

Turquoise and diamond necklace | Imperial Shah Jewels

Turquoise and diamond necklace | Imperial Shah Jewels -Turquoise Parure, Turquoise Tiara, Turquoise Diamond Diadem, Turquoise Diamond Earrrings Empress of Persia Farah Diba, Kaiserin Farah Diba von Persien ..Persian Turquoise Set

The diamond and turquoise necklace is of stylised swag design, set with turquoise cabochons, highlighted with marquise, pear-shaped, brilliant circular single-cut and baquette diamonds. It was probably one of the private jewels of the Shahbanu Farah Diba.

It was seen when Farah Diba visited Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia in 1968, at the state visit of Turkey and she wore it at the Near East Foundation dinner, in her honour, at the Waldorf Astoria New York in 1962 on the official visit of the Shah of Iran and his wife Farah Diba in America.

Above the Empress Farah, wife of the Shah of Iran, wears a large tiara with diamonds and pear-shaped turquoises and the matching pendant earrings. The parure, by Van Cleef and Arpels. had a larger turquoise and diamond necklace than the one in which the Empress is pictured above. Another tiara with smaller turquoises was sometimes worn by her.

The jewels of the Shah are deposited at the Bank of Iran,  and they are owned by the state.
Thank you to Volker who provided me with this information.

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