HÉLÈNE D’ORLÉANS| DUCHESSE D’AOSTA| Royal Imperial Jewels History

Duchess Helene of Aoste Diamond Tiara| Imperial Jewels France Orleans | Wedding Presents Royal Marriage Gifts

HÉLÈNE  D'ORLÉANS| DUCHESSE D'AOSTA| Royal  Imperial Jewels History Emerald tiara Duc de Aumale Corbeille de Marriage Trousseau royal jewels royaltiara
THE PRESENTS of the House of ORLEANS HOUSE given to Princess Helene from
the Duc d’Aumale have chosen for the Royal bride.
A matching tiara with square emeralds also forming, together with diamond scrolls, the tiara is made around 1850.

Duchess Helene of Aoste Diamond Choker Bandeau Tiara|Imperial Jewel France |Wedding Countess Olympia of Arco-Zinneberg Princess Napoleon

More about the famous corbeille de marriage of Princess Helene of Orleans, Duchess of Aosta

Hélène of Orléans Duchess of Aoste Emerald and Diamond Scroll Tiara – Imperial Diadem from the Duc d’Aumale|Princes s of Orleans France Jewelry Presents|Royal Marriage Gift

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