Queen Elizabeth II Jewels

Queen Elizabeth II | Maple Leaf Diamond Brooch Canadian Legion Wedding Gift| Royal Jewels England
Queen Elizabeth II | Maple Leaf Diamond Brooch Canadian Legion Wedding Gift| Royal Jewels England

Queen Elizabeth II during her life which have not been seen in public.

Special thanks to Franck:

I. Leslie Field :

– A double rose diamond brooch ;
– The Queen’s Lloyds of London Lutine brooch ;
– The Queen’s Diamond and ruby sea Creature brooch ;
– A cluster ring ;
– Two rings with yellow diamonds, one round and one square ;
– A delicate narrow link bracelet with floral motifs ;
– The two sapphire tiaras ;
– The Queen’s Sapphire Bumblebee brooch ;
– The sapphire Maltese brooch ;

II. Press articles :

– The sapphire and diamond brooch gift from Khrouchtev ;
– The Queens’s Jamaica brooch ;
– During the royal visit to Sri Lanka, the queen received 2 brooches as gifts in Knady : One was described as a sword-fruit flower (Known) and the other as a navaratne (?)
– A diamond watch from Imelda Marcos ;
– A diamond watch from the Emir of Qatar in 1978 ;

III. Books :

– Theirs is the Kingdom by Andrew Morton : sapphires from the Emperor of Japan.
– Suzy Menkes : Yet he will give his wife presents like the enamels and gem set necklace in the queen’s perennially favourite flowers p 154

IV. Officiels :

– A parure consisting of a necklace, earrings, a bangle, and a ring given by the Emir of Kuwait during his November state visit. ;
– Five-strand pearl necklace of made from natural pearls sourced from the Arabian Gulf from the President of the United Arab Emirates ;
– Two seashell necklaces and a basket given by the President of the Marshall Islands.
– Precious stones from the President of Namibia.
– A sapphire and diamond brooch in the shape of a fern from the President of Sri Lanka
– A Sharyak brooch and an ornate dagger from the President of Kazakhstan.
– Four enamelled scarab beetles, from Bangladesh ;
– A silver filigree brooch presented by the President of Bulgaria, who visited for an audience
– A brooch in the form of the Armed Forces Day Flag from a member of the public
– A round silver brooch of Celtic design from the Royal British Legion, presented during the visit to Northern Ireland

V. V. Wedding gifts :

a. Tiaras :

i. The emperor of Ethiopia : A gold tiara chased in openwork with symbolic device
b. Necklaces :

i. The Dominon of India : Two pairs of jewelled anklets set with brillants and enamel drops mounted as a necklace
ii. Mrs C E Albrecht : A gold chain and heart-shaped pendant with Ceylon stones
iii. Colonel Samuel J.Sutherland : Carved rosewood necklace in tooled leather jewel case
iv. Miss Angela Repard : Red bed necklace

c. Brooches :

i. Her Royal Highness the Markgräfin von Baden, Theodora Princess of Greece, sister of Prince Philipp : A diamond and ruby brooch
ii. The Maharao Raja of Bundi : An antique Rajput Headpiece of gold set with pearls, rubies and diamonds. This Headpiece, traditionally worn by the Rulers of Bundi has now been mounted as a brooch
iii. The Members of the Canadian Legion of the British Empire service League : A Gold maple leaf brooch set with diamonds and bearing the badge of the league in enamel and diamonds
iv. The grand Master Mason, office Bearers and Brethern of the Grand Lodge of Scotland : A diamond flower and spray brooch
v. Mr John Ewan : A brooch of New Zealand greenstone mounted with gold
vi. Miss M D Sutherland : A gold, pearl and turquoise brooch
vii. The people of Ross and Cromarty : A brooch set with pearl from Ross-Shire Rivers
viii. The members of his Majesty’s Medical Household in Scotland
A gold and cairngorm brooch
ix. Mr Edward Williams : A gold and enamel brooch
x. The Reverant F Keeling Scott/ Mr Abdulla Hasham Gnaggi : A gold and enamel flower brooch
xi. Mr Carnet W Shields : A cameo brooch
xii. Miss M Hatswell : An Italian cameo brooch
xiii. Mrs O Baker : A cameo brooch representing Jeanne d’Arc
xiv. British subjects from various Nations of the Commonwealth and friend of Portuguese East Africa : A gold and jewelled brooch convertible into two clips, typical of Portuguese workmanship
xv. The junior Red Cross of Grade 5, Rideway Public School, Scotland : A maple leaf brooch
xvi. Miss Peggy Campbell : A pair of jewelled clip brooches and chain
xvii. Miss Amy Douler : An oval gilt brooch with flowers designs worked in Satin by the donor
xviii. Czech children of the secondary school in Pragu : Three Czechoslovak jewelled brooch ornaments
xix. Men of the disabled sailors and soldier work : Two hand man birds brooches
xx. Miss Betty Butler : Feather brooch in the form of a wild duck
xxi. Miss F Grunberg : A jewelled brooch
xxii. The sixteenth Fifth Lancers : The badge of the regiment in gold, enamel, rubies and diamond
xxiii. Miss E.M Bratby : A gold and ruby tie pin
xxiv. Mr P Stewart :Three gold Safety pins in case
xxv. Mrs F Hooker : A gold and enamel tie pin bearing Queen Victoria’s cypher
xxvi. Mrs E Stuart Clark : A gold tie pin, mounted with a miniature of George IV
xxvii. Mrs L.S Pike : Silver brooch
xxviii. Mrs I Woodcock : A silver filigree brooch
xxix. The second Orkney troop by scouts : A Scottish silver brooch and cuff links
xxx. Miss P Haberman : A silver and paste brooch

d. Bracelets :

i. Miss Sharman Douglas : Gold bracelet with diamond and sapphire motif

e. Pendants :

i. All Burmese women’s Freedom League : A ruby and diamond pendant
ii. The Lord and Lady Jessel : A diamond and sapphire pendant in the form of a star
iii. Madame Maria V de Carvalho : A Heart-shaped pendant in gold filigree and enamel
iv. Miss L.T Sykes: Medaillon commemorating the coronation of queen Victoria

f. Watches :

i. Mrs R Benham : A diamond wrist wratch
ii. Mr Henry L Lambert : A gold watch set in the form of a key

g. Rings :

i. The Girl of Malaya : A chased silver flower ring
ii. Girl Guide Shirley Roberts : Silver napkin ring

h. Earrings :

i. The Queensland Branch of the royal Society of St Georg : A pair of opal earrings

i. Other jewels :

i. The people of Tangangika : An uncut diamond
ii. Salman Bin Hamed Alk helifahn Ruler of Bahrain : A pear shell containing seven large pearls
iii. Baron Richard j Touch Sradding : A magic gem of the orient : The agni Mani
iv. Mr Hector Maclean and the people of Iona : An Iona green stone
v. The Earl and Countess Beauchamp : An agate jewel casket mounted with silver
vi. Major A.E Murray : Carved cameo in a case
vii. Mr D Shapio : An unset cameo, head of King George VI
viii. Miss Elizabeth Elin : Two engraved silver crosses
ix. Miss Alice Waston : Two sets of shell jewellery

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