Royal Tour in 1901 | Six maple leaf diamond brooch | Queen Mary

Royal presents – Showered with costly gifts to Mary Duchess of Cambridge later Queen Mary, in 1901 on the Royal Tour, special from the Canadians   – Montreal presented an extraordinary six maple leaf and diamond brooch autumn colored (survived in her enormous trinkets collection and left to Queen Elizabeth).

Duchess of Cornwall and York, later Queen Mary Montreal six maple leaf brooch corsage with diamonds  royal royalty royalfamily  royaljewels  jewelry  brooch  queenmary  queenelizabeth  diamond  enamel history  england  uk  canada  monarchy  britishmonarchy  britishroyals  britishroyalfamily DUCHESS'S JEWEL This royal jewel was presented to the Duchess of Cornwall and York by the Citizens' Committee of Montreal when the Duchess visited the city on September 18.

"...Shortly after dinner on Wednesday, a simple ceremony took place at Lord Strathcona’s residence, being the presentation to Their Highnesses of mementos of their visit to Montreal, by members of the Citizens’ Reception Committee. That to the Duchess, which was presented by Lady Strathcona and Mrs. Drummond, consisted of a spray of maple leaves wrought in gold and enamel set with diamonds and pearls.
An album of Canadian views accompanied this gift, and a richly illuminated address..."

"The Enamel Maple Leaves Brooch is a corsage of six maple leaves made from blended colors of enamel from green to pink. The leaves are tipped in diamonds and their stems come together to end with a single pearl in a diamond setting."

"The jewel . . .is typical of Canada, whose emblem is the maple leaf, just as the shamrock is the emblem of Ireland."

"The jewel consists of a diamond spray or corsage pin. The design consists of a spray of six maple leaves mounted with diamonds. No two of the maple leaves are alike in form and colour. They are of solid eighteen-carat gold, beautifully enamelled in delightfully delicate tones."

In a masterly display of diplomatic dressing the then Duchess wore the maple leaf brooch pinned on the side of her corsage when attending a dinner at Government House, Winnipeg, when the royal couple visited the city as part of their tour.
Duchess of Cornwall and York, later Queen Mary| Montreal six maple leaf brooch corsages with diamonds

A mink fur cape, lined with ermine, trimmed with sable tails, the gift

of the ladies of Ottawa. The fur cape was fastened with a gold clasp fashioned into maple leaves, the gift of New Brunswick.

In the small picture, we could see the Duchess wearing the spray of maple leaves wrought in gold and enamel set with diamonds and pearls, on the tour.

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