Wedding of Friederika of Hanover and Paul of Greece 1938

ROYAL WEDDING IN ATHENS – Prince Paul of Greece and Princess Frederika of Hanover“.
Duke and Duchess of Kent (Prince George and Princess Marina) arriving at the cathedral in Athens, representing Britain at the marriage of Prince Paul and Princess Frederika. We then see another couple arriving in a horse-drawn carriage – they are either Prince Regent and Princess Paul of Yugoslavia, or King George of Greece with his first cousin the Duchess of Brunswick (the bride’s mother). Crowds of people look on.

Princess Frederika arrives in an ornate coach with her father, the Duke of Brunswick. She waves to the crowd before going into the cathedral. Very brief shot of the ceremony – looks like a still! The newly married couple ride off in their carriage, waving to the crowds thronging the streets.

Royal Jewels of Greece

Queen Friederika with the Royal Jewels of Greece

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