Royal wedding gifts 1935 | Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

Expensive wedding presents on display at one of the palaces. They are for Duke & Duchess of Gloucester (aka Prince Henry and Lady Alice Scott). Gifts include diamonds, emeralds and pearls from King George V and Queen Mary, glass fish ornaments from Duke’s nephews and nieces and a model ship made by disabled children.

The Emerald and Pearl Wedding Gifts >>

The Wedding-gift of Queen Mary – Turquoise Parure >>

Wedding present of the Duke to his Bride >>

Das Hochzeits-Geschenk mit den Smaragden >>

Das zweite Hochzeitsgeschenk “ Die Diamant Garnitur “ >>

Die Hochzeitsgeschenke des Herzogs „Knoten-Brosche und Diamant-Diadem“ >>

The Diamond Wedding Gifts >>

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