Wedding Of Princess Patricia To Sir A. Ramsay, 1919 | Royal Marriage Connaught

Wedding of Princess Patricia to Sir A. Ramsay.

Weddings; royalty; Great Britain. Princess Patricia; daughter of Arthur; Duke of Connaught; weds Rear Admiral Sir Alexander Ramsay; 1919. Much footage; not in sequence Various shots from above of Procession w/ both automobiles & horse-drawn carriages. Some good crowd shots, crowd pressed up to the edge of the street; soldiers holding them back; spilling into street after procession; swarming about; waving up at cameras.

royal guests including King George V & Queen Mary & their children; arriving; leaving; talking w/ each other & w/ Church officials. D of C arrives w/ Princess Pat. The bride wears a fabulous sparkly patterned white coat trimmed w/ huge fur collar like a stole Bride & groom coming out of church which has some support poles and  beams leaning at an angle against it; maybe damaged by bombing in World War One and not yet repaired?) Uniformed schoolgirls line up alongside road to watch coach & white horses.

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