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Maria Antonia Duchess of Parma, Infanta of Portugal. On 15 October 1884 at Schloss Fischorn, Maria Antonia married Robert I, Duke of Parma as his second wife. She was the mother of Empress Zita.⁣
She is pictured with one of my favorite diamond tiaras.⁣
Princess Irene of the Netherlands, did also wear the beautiful diamond Bourbon-Parma-Tiara, of the family of her husband. Some diamonds of the tiara are from the Duchess of Angoulême, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, she left France in 1830 to Austria. It is said that the tiara was made in Vienna – probably by the court jeweler Köchert, like an older tiara once owned by the Duchess built in style of the XIX siecle by the jeweller of the French crown. The centerpiece is changeable.⁣

This tiara belonged to the Bourbon-Parma family and had been deposed to a lawyer in Paris. Unfortunately it seems to have been lost actually since 1996. The Parma Tiara was trusted, at that time, to an attorney office in the late 90s by Princess Marie-Cécilie of Bourbon-Parma, while succession procedures took place. Mysteriously the tiara „got lost“ and the attorney office had to pay € 3.022.500 to the Bourbon-Parma family.⁣

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