Princess Marie Louise Diamond Sunburst Brooch| Royal JeweL History

Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, wore Princess Marie Louise’s Diamond Sunburst brooch for the first time.

This diamond all diamond fringe brooch features a diamond cluster surrounded by a ray of fringes with a fringe pendant. It was given to Queen Victoria on her Accession, and she lent it to her daughter Princess Christian for the occasion of the tsar’s coronation in 1896.

The Sunburst, was originally shared between the British Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise, both granddaughters of Queen Victoria. It was most likely inherited from their mother, Princess Helena of Great Britain, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. The Princess Helena Victoria died in 1948 followed by Princess Marie Louise in 1956. The brooch was bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and was now seen at first time-worn by Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall in 2021.

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