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Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna's Coronation Brooch Princess Thyra's Sapphire Tiara · Princess Elisabeth of Denmark diamond diamonds brooch coronation jewels royaljewels princesselisabeth prinsesseelisabeth queenalexandrine dronningalexandrine danishroyalfamily Tunget tiara diadem coronation brooch royal royalty romanov danishroyals denmark danmark Coronation Brooch Faberge, Brooch in the form of the russian imperial crown, imperial gift from the tsar, czar. Coronation brooch. One of 18 made in 1896 by Fabergé for the Grand Duchesses of Russia on the occasion of Tsar Nicholas II’s coronation. This example was passed down from Anastasia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin all the way to Princess Elisabeth, who left it to The Royal Danish Collection in her will. Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna's Coronation Brooch
Thunget tiara Princess Elisabeth of Denmark tiara, diadem Princess Thyra of Sweden tiara, Princess Caroline Mathilde Sapphire Tiara Denmark royal famil
In the picture Princess Thyra’s Sapphire Tiara · Princess Elisabeth of Denmark diamond brooch, imperial coronation jewels Coronation Brooch Faberge, Brooch in the form of the russian imperial crown, imperial gift from the tsar | Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna’s Coronation Brooch

Diamond Brooch in the form of the Russian Imperial Crown, set with 149 diamonds of abourt 21,1 carats. The two largest diamonds are ca 6,8ct and 7,3ct.

This brooch and 17 others were executed on the order of Tsar Nicholas II to Carl Faberge .
The brooch cost 4000 silver roubles.

These brooches were Imperial gifts presented on 24. May 1894. The day before the coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna.

They were given both to the Grand Duchesses living in Russia and also to those that had, trough their marriages, become queens or duchesses outside Russia and attend the coronation.

This was given to Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna who married in 1879 Grand Duke Friedrich Franz von Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Their daughter Alexandrine inherited this brooch in 1922. She married in 1898 the Danish Crown Prince Christian. Later Queen Alexandrine of Denmark left it to her daughter-in-law Princess Caroline-Mathilde (Prince Knud’s wife). In 1995 the brooch was inherited by her daughter, Princess Elisabeth of Denmark.

Princess Elisabeth of Denmark, left it to The Royal Danish Collection in her will.

Carl Faberge also executed brooches, in this design but larger diamonds, for the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna 10 000 roubles and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna 12 000 roubles. The Queen of Siam was also presented with such a brooch in 1897 the price beeing 5100 roubles.

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