Princess Louis of France | PrinceSS Carlos of Spain| Chaumet Aigrette Tiara of Diamonds

Royal Wedding in the year 1907 – Princess Louis of France and Prince Carlos of Spain – Chaumet Aigrette Tiara of Diamonds


Princess Louise Françoise Marie Laure of Orléans was a Princess of the Two-Sicilies and paternal great-grandmother of King Felipe VI of Spain.

Louise was the youngest daughter of Philippe d’Orléans (1838–1894), Count of Paris and claimant to the French throne as „Philippe VII“. Her mother was Princess Marie Isabelle d’Orléans, daughter of Antoine, Duke of Montpensier, and Infanta Luisa Fernanda of Spain.

She was the second wife of Prince of Bourbon-Sicily, at first he married to the Spanish heir to the throne María de las Mercedes de Borbón,

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