The Queen’s Treasury |Denmark Royal Jewels exploring in the queen’s treasure chest

The Queen's Treasury Denmark: Royal Jewels:exploring in the queen's treasure chest emerald parure Queen Margarethe II of Denmark
Foto: Lars E. Andreasen ©DR Queen Margarethe II of Denmark – wearing a Sapphire Diamond Brooch

The danish crown jewels, Frederik IX’s pipe collection and the more than 400-year-old Rosenborg wine are among the many objects that appear in the program series „The Queen’s Treasury“, which from tonight and the next Tuesdays will be broadcast on DR 1.

 emerald parure Queen Margarethe II of Denmark
The Queen's Treasury Denmark: Royal Jewels:exploring in the queen's treasure chest
Dronningens skatkammer: Smykker Emerald parure Queen Margarethe II of Denmark

The museum collection Kongernes Samling contains Danish kings and queens‘ central objects and works of art, and the program series follows the creation of the exhibitions „A Queen’s Jewelry Box“ and „Mary & the Crown Princesses“, which are currently on display at the Amalienborg Museum and Koldinghus, respectively.

The exhibitions have been created in collaboration with Her Majesty the Queen and Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess, and the programs are included when the Queen and the Crown Princess take part in the preparations for the new exhibitions. The first episode of „The Queen’s Treasury“ will be broadcast tonight at 20.30 on DR1.

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