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Queen Alexandrine’s sapphire diadem was bought in 2018 by an unknown at auction in Denmark. Now it turns out that it was probably Queen Margrethe who was the buyer.

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Queen Alexandrin’s Imperial Russian wedding gift

Queen Alexandrine's sapphire diadem russian tiara bandeau bolin  Queen Margarethe bought the Diademe Diadema Diademes Diadems
Queen Alexandrine’s sapphire diadem | Denmark Queen Margarethe bought the russian tiara bandeau bolin

The sapphire diadem, which was sold at auction almost four years ago, now appears in the Queen’s jewelery collection.

In the broadcast „Dronningens Skatkammer“ on DR1, a secret is revealed.
Namely who in 2018 bought the Danish-Russian sapphire diadem. There are many indications that it was Queen Margrethe herself. And that will please many Danes.

In the program „Dronningens Skatkammer“ you see the special diamond and sapphire tiara being exhibited together with numerous royal jewelery in „Kongernes Samling“ at Koldinghus.

The three countesses had inherited the historic Danish-Russian diadem from their mother, Countess Anne Dorte, and in December 2018 they sold the expensive diadem for two million kroner at the auction.

There were many Danes who at the time believed that the precious jewelry belonged in Denmark, and with the Danish royal family. And much now it seems that Queen Margrethe meant it too.

The three countesses of Rosenborg, Josephine, Camilla and Feodora, who had inherited the jewelry from their father, Count Christian of Rosenborg and mother, Countess Anne Dorte, sold the tiara.

The Russian sapphire diadem was originally a gift from Tsar Nikolai II and Zaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia to Princess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin at her wedding to the Danish prince Christian’s wedding in Cannes in the spring of 1898.

The royal couple themselves passed the jewelery on in 1933 to their daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Caroline-Mathilde, at her wedding in Fredensborg Castle Church with the king’s youngest son, Crown Prince Knud.

It was he and his sons who lost the right to inherit the throne when a new succession law was passed in 2953, because his older brother, Frederik X „only“ had three daughters, Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie.

After Caroline-Mathilde’s death in 1995, the youngest of her children, her son Count Christian of Rosenborg and his family inherited diadem, and they have kept the jewelry until it was sold in 2018.

The first episode of the TV series „Dronningens Skatkammer“, where you see the sapphire diadem, was shown on DR1 Tuesday 12 April. But can also be seen on DRTV.

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