One of Cartier Great Necklaces | Patino Emerald Necklace

Madame Patino – Emerald necklace

Emerald-Necklace in long Version with the Emerald Cross | Jewelry History Königlicher Smaragd Schmuck der Kaiserin von Frankreich

Emeralds Emerald Jewels of Queen Victoria Eugenia|Famous Emerald Collier |Jewels Royal Spain

Royal Spanish Emeralds of Queen Victoria Eugenia | Royal Jewels History

Royal Emeraldcross of Queen Isabella II. – Madame Patiño | Royal & Imperal Emeralds Jewel History

Diamond Diadem of Empress Eugenie of France | Royal and Imperial Jewelry History

Emerald and Diamond Bracelet|Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain| Royal Jewel History| Infante Don Jaime Duke of Segovia

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