Royal & Imperial Sapphires |Saphir Historische Safire

Royal & Imperial Sapphires | Jewels Jewelry | Saphir Schmuck Historische Safire

Jewel history in the older part of the Royal Magazin, with some updates:

Sapphire Parure of the Marie-Louise Empress of France, Archduchess of Austria | Imperial Habsburg

Habsburg Sapphires Parure with Diamonds, Fleur de Lys Brooches, Stomacher, Necklace | Austrian Bourbon Piacenza Tiara

Saphir Schmuck der Kaiserin Marie-Louise | Sapphire Parure of the Marie-Louise Empress of France

Sapphire Parure for the Imperial and Royal Court | Chaumet:

Lanckoronski sapphires stomacher

Lanckoronski Sapphires brooch

Lanckoronski Sapphires tiara and necklace

Frankreich | France Saphires joyaux de Couronne

 Empress Josephine’s Sapphire Parure

Sapphire Diamant Parure Crown Jewels of France

Bonaparte Sapphires Jewelery | Mellerio

Sapphire and Diamond Parure of Princess Eugenie of Greece

Sapphires Brooch Mellerio | Royal Jewels | Princess Bonaparte


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