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Bourbon-Parma Imperial Rubies Parure and Tiara | Chaumet | Calabria Ruby Diadem Necklace

Bourbon Parma Royal Imperial rubies | Parure Chaumet | Marchioness of Laula
Bourbon Parma Royal Imperial rubies | Parure Chaumet | Marchioness of Laula

From hidden Treasures & History of Royal Jewels | The story of :

This Important suite of Ruby and Diamond Jewelry is made by  Chaumet , Paris
in 1930.
Comprising a Pendant-Necklace/Bracelet Combination, a Bracelet,
a Pair of Earrings and a Brooch, the necklace center supporting a pendant-brooch
of quatrefoil shape, attached to side segments of articulated rectangular
links and buckles graduating in size, set throughout with cushion-shaped rubies
and old-mine, rose-cut and baguette diamonds, total length approximately 24 inches, side segments detach to form bracelets, pendant at center detaches to be worn separately as a brooch see more about the history of the royal imperial ruby parure>>

 Die Geschichte zu historischem Schmuck und Juwelen | Die kaiserlichen Rubine | Art deco Parure mit Tiara Diadem  ehemals Hochzeitsgeschenk des Kaisers von Österreich an Erzherzogin  …

Sapphire Diamond Parure Tiara Necklace Brooch Bracelet Earrings made by Chaumet for Princess Alicia Bourbon Parma Duchess of Calabria in Art deco Style

Royal & Imperial Sapphires |Saphir Historische Safire

Royal & Imperial Sapphires | Jewels Jewelry | Saphir Schmuck Historische Safire

Jewel history in the older part of the Royal Magazin, with some updates:

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