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Roxburghe Jewels | Mary Duchess of Roxburghe | Wedding Gifts

Engagement Ring
Lady Mary Evelyn Hungerford Crewe-Milne

Lady Mary Evelyn Hungerford Crewe-Milne was the only daughter by the second marriage of the first and last Marquess of Crewe to Lady „Peggy“ Primrose she married in 1935 The Duke of Roxburghe

Her Jewels, from her fairytale wedding as well the presents and bridal gifts:

Roxburghe Jewels | Mary Duchess of Roxburghe | Cartier Diamond Tiara Wedding Gift

The Wedding Presents of Duchess Mary Roxburghe| Die Hochzeitsgeschenke der Herzogin von Roxburghe

Fleur de Lys Tiara Necklace of Diamonds| Jewels of the Duchess Roxburghe

Pearl Drop Tiara | Primrose Rosebery Pearl Parure | Orientperlen | Diamond Jewels

Important Primrose Rosebery Ruby-Diamond Parure with Tiara

Ruby and Diamond Necklace | Roxburghe ruby collier Ruby and Diamond Tiara
Roxburghe Jewels | Important Primrose Rosebery Ruby-Diamond Parure with Tiara, Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings

Tiffany Gold, diamond and pearl opera glasses| Wedding gift to Mary Duchess of York, later Queen Mary

Wedding gift to George V and Queen Mary, when Duke and Duchess of York, from Sir Augustus and Lady Harris, 6 July 1893

Tiffany and Co - Wedding gift to George V and Queen Mary, when Duke and Duchess of York, from Sir Augustus and Lady Harris, 6 July 1893
Tiffany and Co – Wedding gift to George V and Queen Mary, when Duke and Duchess of York, from Sir Augustus and Lady Harris, 6 July 1893

A pair of engine-turned gold opera glasses, scattered with diamonds and ringed with pearls at both the looking and viewing ends of each glass, the central hinge with a diamond-set octagonal twister and pearl finial.

Tiffany & Co. were well known for their production of luxury items, but opera glasses of gold were rare – usually the surfaces were mother-of-pearl or enamel, in imitation of eighteenth-century pieces. Here the firm have used engine-turning to create a decorative surface to the gold, which has been adorned with rose-cut diamonds.

It will be on display at the exhibition of  „Gold“ . Glittering gold accessories spanning six generations of Queens and Consorts go on display in Scotland for the first time, at The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, 27 March –
26 July 2015


Queen Mary wedding gifts | Hochzeitsgeschenke Queen Mary >>

Queen Mary wedding presents >>

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The Diamond Tiara >>

Queen Mary’s small Tiaras >>

Queen Mary’s Forget-me-not Diamond Pearls Aigrette>>

Queen Mary’s Ivegh Tiara >>

Queen Mary’s Turquoise Parure and Jewels >>

Diamond feather Aigrette and Kensington Bow Brooch>>

Cornwall Ruby Diamond Cuff Bracelet – Brooch>>

Queen Mary’s Diamond Rose Brooches >>

Ladies of England Pearl Diamond Necklace

 source + picture:Royal Collection

Princess Beatrice of Great Britain and Ireland | Wedding Jewels

New details and information about  the Wedding Presents & Marriage Gifts of Princess Bebattenberg-princess-beatrice-royalatrice of Great Britain and Ireland are added to the Royal Magazin websites.
And we have changed the picture of the royal bride with her jewels and stars with diamonds, the presents of her mother the Queen Victoria.
Princess Beatrice of Great Britain and Ireland | Royal Wedding Jewels

Die Hochzeitsgeschenke der Prinzessin Beatrice von Grossbritannien und Nordirland

Tiara with diamonds and Sapphires | Prinzessin Beatrice von Battenberg

Indian turquoise and pearl necklace | Türkis und Perlenschmuck|  Prinzessin Beatrice

The Princess Beatrice – Pearls | Perlenschmuck

Diamond Tassel Brooches | Die Drei Broschen mit Diamant Quasten

Strawberry Leaf Coronet | Tiara Queen Victoria | Königin Viktoria mit dem Orginal Rubin-Diamant Diadem>>

Strawberry Leaf Coronet | Tiara Queen Victoria Eugenia | Königin Victoria Eugenia mit dem Rubin – Diamant Diadem >>

Strawberry Leaf Coronet | Tiara Princess Beatrice | Prinzessin Beatrice von Battenberg mit dem Diamant-Diadem>>

Strawberry Leaf Coronet |Tiara | Marchioness von Carisbrooke mit dem Diamant-Diadem>>

Queen Victorias Fabergé Sapphire Brooch | Royal Jewels

The Diamond Jubilee Sapphire and Diamond Brooch | Jewels of Queen Victoria| Hesse Grandchildren

Four of Princess Alice’s surviving children and their spouses gave their grandmother a magnificent diamond and sapphire brooch. The Emperor and Empress of Russia, the Grand Duke and Duchess of Hesse, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna “Ella” and the Grand Duke Serge along with Princess Victoria and Prince Louis of Battenberg’s gift was

“…a brooch with an open pendant heart of diamonds, bearing in the centre the number „60“ in Slavonic characters. It has on the top a cabochon sapphire and there are two large sapphire drops.”    Queen Victorias Fabergé Sapphire Brooch | Royal Jewels weiterlesen

Princess Royal Mary | Countess of Harewood Imperial Pearls & Jewels

Princess Royal VAD`s Tiara| Emerald and diamond tiara with large diamonds set in a shamrock pattern  as  Clover leaf Trefoils Shamrock Kleeblatt Strawberry leaf Tiara Coronet Diadem
Designed as Clover leaf Trefoils Shamrock Kleeblatt Strawberry leaf Tiara Coronet Diadem|Designed as Clover leaf Trefoils Shamrock Kleeblatt Strawberry leaf Tiara Coronet Diadem

Hochzeitsgeschenke | Schmuck Prinzessin Royal Mary 
Wedding presents and gifts to Princess Royal Mary Countess of Harewood

Diamond and Pearl Pendant

The Begum of Bhopal presented to Princess Mary a pearl pendant, which was a popular piece of jewellery at the time.

But another source for royal and imperial jewels, the list of jewels sold after the death of the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, gives us the following information.

A valuation of the Dowager Empress‘ jewelry prepared by Hennell and Sons listed as item number 6 was a „Necklace of 144 pearls (small) with large drop pearl“ sold to Lord Lascelles on 19th July 1929 for £1,615.   Imperial Necklace and Pearl drop

Cartier presented  a pearl drop (or a pearl like this 166 Grain) at the Biennale des Antiquaires 2014 in Paris – with an new designed necklace.

Wedding gifts to Mary Princess Royal | Viscountess Lascelles | Countess Harewood>>

The Princess Royal’s Sapphires – The King George V Sapphire Parure, Necklace and Pendant>>

The Princess Royal’s Sapphires – Queen Victoria’s Sapphire and Diamond tiara>>

The Princess Royal’s Sapphires – The Imperial Sapphire Necklace of Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna>>

Mary The Princess Royal’s Emerald Cabochon jewels – Engagement Ring>>

The Princess Royal’s Emeralds – The Royal Navy Negligé and the Yorkshire County Brooch>>

VAD`s Tiara| Emerald and diamond tiara with large diamonds set in a shamrock pattern >>

Lavalliere | The Citizens of the City of London Diamond Chain and Pendant >>

The Princess Royals‘ Diamonds – Diamond Clasp, Brooch, Pendant>>

The Princess Royals‘ Turquoise Diamond Stomacher and Foxhound Brooch>>

Mary Princess Royal | Pearls and Pearl Ropes>>

Harewood- Lascelles Diamond feather brooches>>

Princess Mary | Queen Mary’s Diamond Jewels>>

The Princess Royal’s Diamonds – The Lord and Lady Inchcape Diamond Fringe tiara and necklace>>

Princess Mary Diamond Jewels | Queen Alexandra’s Butterfly Brooch >>

Princess Mary Diamond Scroll Tiara | Queen Mary’s Sapphire Brooch >>

Royal Jewels from Princess Victoria... ... Princess Victoria of Wales,  Bandeau flowers scrolls ribbons - tiara. Princess Toria |Princess Victoria of Wales  King Edward VII’s daughter, Diamond Diadem of flowers, flowerheads in diamonds  rose centred tiara
Royal Jewels from Princess Victoria… … Princess Victoria of Wales, Diamond Bandeau flowers scrolls ribbons – tiara rose centred tiara , King Edward VII’s daughter

Another Tiara of Princess Victoria of Wales from her mother the Rundell Tiara

Princess Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont | Duchess of Albany | Jewels

Schmuck und Juwelen | Hochzeits Geschenke für die Prinzessin Helen von Waldeck-Pyrmont anlässlich Ihrer Hochzeit mit dem Prinzen Leopold von England, Herzog von Albany.
Prinzessin Helen, wie sie sich nach der Hochzeit mit dem englischen Prinzen nannte, um sich von der Tochter von Queen Victoria, Prinzessin Helena, zu unterscheiden.
Alter Schmuck erzählt immer eine Geschichte – und verleiht der Trägerin einen ganz besonderen Zauber, das weiß man in den Königshäuser und vererbt, diese Stücke gerne weiter, so wie hier von der Herzogin an Ihre Tochter Alice.

Wedding gifts and Royal Presents for the future Duchess of Albany

other wedding gifts:
There are different pictures of the wedding – one in the newspaper -a sketch- which she wore, the necklace and the Waldeck Tiara…and a later version for the officiel photo ..with her „new“ jewels.

I think she wore, in tradition (the last time) the tiara of her family, the Waldeck Tiara and had pinned the sprays together- and on her gown…
The diamond spray brooch, was later given to her daughter Princess Alice Countess of Athlone ..



Wedding Of Princess Patricia To Sir A. Ramsay, 1919 | Royal Marriage Connaught

Wedding of Princess Patricia to Sir A. Ramsay.

Weddings; royalty; Great Britain. Princess Patricia; daughter of Arthur; Duke of Connaught; weds Rear Admiral Sir Alexander Ramsay; 1919. Much footage; not in sequence Various shots from above of Procession w/ both automobiles & horse-drawn carriages. Some good crowd shots, crowd pressed up to the edge of the street; soldiers holding them back; spilling into street after procession; swarming about; waving up at cameras.

royal guests including King George V & Queen Mary & their children; arriving; leaving; talking w/ each other & w/ Church officials. D of C arrives w/ Princess Pat. The bride wears a fabulous sparkly patterned white coat trimmed w/ huge fur collar like a stole Bride & groom coming out of church which has some support poles and  beams leaning at an angle against it; maybe damaged by bombing in World War One and not yet repaired?) Uniformed schoolgirls line up alongside road to watch coach & white horses.

England Royal Family Coronation Jewels 1936

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) in their full Coronation regalia and robes.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth poses with ladies in waiting holding her train / cloak.

Queen in her coronation gown with jewels, King with pages. Shot of gathered Royals including Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), Princess Margaret and Queen Mary. Various other shots showing off the Coronation robes.

Duke And Duchess Of Kent’s Wedding

In 1934 the Prince George, Duke of Kent, is driven from Buckingham Palace in a large coach with a parade of Guards. Princess Marina of Greece leaves shortly after him. Various shots of the procession to the ceremony. Crowds are gathered to watch them. Shot of woman in crowd using mirror to watch procession.

Parade arrives at Westminster Abbey. Duke of Kent arrives with his brothers Prince Edward, Prince of Wales and Prince Albert, Duke of York. Princess Marina then arrives – the story of her engagement ring.

Scenes of Westminster Abbey. Duke and Duchess of Kent leave the Abbey at the end of their Wedding Service. They climb into the coachm parade back to Buckingham Palace. Cheered at every turn by large crowds. The coach turns into the gates of Buckingham Palace and the crowds surge behind. The Duke and Duchess come out onto the balcony to greet crowd. The Royal family join them.

The Duke and Duchess at Paddington railway station to get the train to Himley Hall, near Birmingham for their honeymoon. They are seen off by various dignitaries and cheering crowds. The train begins to pull away.

Hochzeit und Trauung| Royal Wedding, the royal bride
Hochzeitsgeschenke | Royal Wedding and the Gifts
Marina Herzogin von Kent| The Engagement Ring and Weddingrings
Grossen Perlentropfen | Pearshaped Pearls of Grand Duchess Vladimir
Margeriten Blumenbroschen | The Diamond Daisy Brooches
Smaragd-Brosche | The Argyll -Emeraldbrooch
Diamantsterne | The Diamond Stars
Die Juwelen der Herzogin von Agryll | Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll
Die Kent Aquamarine |
The Aquamarines