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England Royal Family Coronation Jewels 1936

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) in their full Coronation regalia and robes.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth poses with ladies in waiting holding her train / cloak.

Queen in her coronation gown with jewels, King with pages. Shot of gathered Royals including Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), Princess Margaret and Queen Mary. Various other shots showing off the Coronation robes.

Duke And Duchess Of Kent’s Wedding

In 1934 the Prince George, Duke of Kent, is driven from Buckingham Palace in a large coach with a parade of Guards. Princess Marina of Greece leaves shortly after him. Various shots of the procession to the ceremony. Crowds are gathered to watch them. Shot of woman in crowd using mirror to watch procession.

Parade arrives at Westminster Abbey. Duke of Kent arrives with his brothers Prince Edward, Prince of Wales and Prince Albert, Duke of York. Princess Marina then arrives – the story of her engagement ring.

Scenes of Westminster Abbey. Duke and Duchess of Kent leave the Abbey at the end of their Wedding Service. They climb into the coachm parade back to Buckingham Palace. Cheered at every turn by large crowds. The coach turns into the gates of Buckingham Palace and the crowds surge behind. The Duke and Duchess come out onto the balcony to greet crowd. The Royal family join them.

The Duke and Duchess at Paddington railway station to get the train to Himley Hall, near Birmingham for their honeymoon. They are seen off by various dignitaries and cheering crowds. The train begins to pull away.

Hochzeit und Trauung| Royal Wedding, the royal bride
Hochzeitsgeschenke | Royal Wedding and the Gifts
Marina Herzogin von Kent| The Engagement Ring and Weddingrings
Grossen Perlentropfen | Pearshaped Pearls of Grand Duchess Vladimir
Margeriten Blumenbroschen | The Diamond Daisy Brooches
Smaragd-Brosche | The Argyll -Emeraldbrooch
Diamantsterne | The Diamond Stars
Die Juwelen der Herzogin von Agryll | Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll
Die Kent Aquamarine |
The Aquamarines

Wedding of Friederika of Hanover and Paul of Greece 1938

ROYAL WEDDING IN ATHENS – Prince Paul of Greece and Princess Frederika of Hanover“.
Duke and Duchess of Kent (Prince George and Princess Marina) arriving at the cathedral in Athens, representing Britain at the marriage of Prince Paul and Princess Frederika. We then see another couple arriving in a horse-drawn carriage – they are either Prince Regent and Princess Paul of Yugoslavia, or King George of Greece with his first cousin the Duchess of Brunswick (the bride’s mother). Crowds of people look on.

Princess Frederika arrives in an ornate coach with her father, the Duke of Brunswick. She waves to the crowd before going into the cathedral. Very brief shot of the ceremony – looks like a still! The newly married couple ride off in their carriage, waving to the crowds thronging the streets.

Royal Jewels of Greece

Queen Friederika with the Royal Jewels of Greece

Royal wedding gifts 1935 | Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

Expensive wedding presents on display at one of the palaces. They are for Duke & Duchess of Gloucester (aka Prince Henry and Lady Alice Scott). Gifts include diamonds, emeralds and pearls from King George V and Queen Mary, glass fish ornaments from Duke’s nephews and nieces and a model ship made by disabled children.

The Emerald and Pearl Wedding Gifts >>

The Wedding-gift of Queen Mary – Turquoise Parure >>

Wedding present of the Duke to his Bride >>

Das Hochzeits-Geschenk mit den Smaragden >>

Das zweite Hochzeitsgeschenk “ Die Diamant Garnitur “ >>

Die Hochzeitsgeschenke des Herzogs „Knoten-Brosche und Diamant-Diadem“ >>

The Diamond Wedding Gifts >>

Princess Elizabeth Royal Wedding Presents On View 1947

Royal Wedding Presents On View To The Public 1947 St. James‘ Palace, London.Royal wedding presents on view at St James Palace. Jewels of the future Queen. details and describtions of the gifts

Various shots of the assortment of gifts received by Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in the video below:

Jewellery, including necklace from the people of Burma, a diamond and ruby necklace from King George VI and Queen Elizabeth together with a string of pearls, a diamond tiara, bracelets and brooch from Queen Mary.

Sapphire and diamond suite of necklace and earrings, given to Princess Elizabeth by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

The ‚Dorset Bow‘ brooch

The ‚County of Cornwall‘ Ruby Diamond Bracelet-Brooch 1893 worne by Queen Elizabeth

The ‚Girls of Great Britain‘ tiara, Garrards, 1893

Gold and Diamond Bangles 19th century
Diamond bracelet designed by Prince Philip and given to his royal bride on their marriage

Diamond and platinum necklace Cartier, London – Nizam of Hyderabad

Brazilian Aquamarine Parure | Queens Jewels   First Tiara + Aquamarine Brooch    Small Tiara + Bracelet

Saphire und Diamant Diadem Königin Elizabeth II- Saphir-Collier

County of Cornwall Ruby Bracelet | Queen Jewels

Dagmar Necklace Queens Jewels |Schmuck der Königin von England

Die Juwelen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Elizabeth II`s Private Trove

Verlobungsring und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Engagement Ring of Elizabeth II`s – Queens Jewels Her Private Trove

Die Cullinan Diamanten der englischen Queen | Queens Treasure – Elizabeth II`s Cullinan Diamonds

Die kleineren Cullinan Broschen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Queen Casket – Elizabeth II`s Cullinan Brooches

Das königliche Geburtstagsgeschenk | 21 Diamonds – The Present of the People of South Africa

Die Juwelen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen Teil 6 | Queens Jewellery – Elizabeth II`s Private Trove

Die Juwelen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Queens Jewelry – Elizabeth II`s Private Trove

Wedding Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) posing for the camera in official shots.
Several shots of the wedding group, all chatting and moving about. Among those seen are best man Earl of Milford Haven, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother), Queen Mary, Princess Margaret, Princess Alice (Philip’s mother), King Peter of Yugoslavia, Princess Alexandra, Queen Victoria of Spain, Princess Rene de Bourbon Parma, Lord and Lady Louis Mountbatten, Lady Milford Haven, Crown Princess Louise of Sweden, Lady Elizabeth Lambart, Duchess of Kent, Princess Juliana of Holland, Prince John of Luxembourg, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Prince George of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Princess Eugenie of Greece, Lady Caroline Montagu- Douglas-Scott and the Count of Barcelona.

Ruby and Diamond Collarette a Silver Wedding Present from the Ladies of South Australia to the Princess of Wales

It was a valuable jewellery gift from the the Ladies of South Australia to the Princess of Wales in 1889 (future Queen Alexandra).

The present consisted of a necklet made from South Australian gold, South Australian rubies and Brazilian diamonds. The collarette consisted of twenty-five links each set with three three Australian rubies and four Brazilian diamonds. Suspended from the collarette was „an exquisite pendant, attached by two pieces of cable chain, and sustaining two cornucopias. A beautifully-chased shell occupies the space between these, and in the centre a very large ruby surmounts six diamonds, and close by three pretty-coloured rubies hand in claw settings, a diamond surmounting the centre one. The set is completed by a pair of South Australian gold and ruby bangles,each one containing eleven very large rubies and twenty diamonds.“ Never seen again in public!
It was presented in a opulent silver casket  of 500 ounces Australian Silver (ca 1,5kg) more

Queen Alexandra Jewels:

Brooch of the Ladies of North Wales | Royal Wedding present >>

Emerald Brooche and Emerald earpendant a gift of the Ladies of North Wales>>

Rundell Tiara | Das Rundell Diadem der englischen Königin >>

Alexandras Indian Necklace of Diamonds and Emeralds | Indisches Halsband >>

National Token of South Wales of Diamonds and Emeralds | Gift of the Ladies of South Wales >>

Dagmar Necklace with Pearls | Dagmar Kreuz Collier mit Perlen >>

Demi Parure with Opals | Opalschmuck – Geschenk der Königin Victoria >>

Diamond necklace and earrings presented by the Corporation of the City of London >>

Cambridge Diamond Bracelet | Turquoise Bracelet | Armbänder >>

Bridesmaids Bracelet | Armband – Geschenk der Brautmädchen >>

Parure of Landgrave William of Hesse and Chamberlain Juel | Parure im altenglischen Design vom Landgraf von Hessen und Juel >>

Solid Gold Parure in Runic design | Goldschmuckset mit Runen von den Einwohnern der Insel Laaland und Falster >>

Wedding Memorials and Token | Erinnerungsgeschenke an die Hochzeit von Königin Alexandra

Pearl Parure of Queen Alexandra | Perlen der Königin Alexandra

more jewels :

Amethyst – Tiara | Queen Alexandras Amethyst Necklace | Amethyst Schmuck

Sapphires – Collar | Silver-Weddinggift of Tsar Alexander III. | Saphir Collier

Diamond -Butterfly Brooch | Silver Wedding present from the Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Diamond – Stars Brooches | Sterne mit Diamanten als Broschen

Coronation Jewels | Crown and Diamonds | Krönungsschmuck der Königin Alexandra

Ruby Diamond Choker & Bangles | Ladies of South Australia silver wedding gift | Geschenk der Damen von Süd Australien zur Silberhochzeit

Queen ElizabethII Waterford Orchid Brooch

Irish historic official visit to Britain
Today the Queen is wearing a coat of sky blue cashmere with mother of pearl buttons and the dress is Paisley printed silk in moss green and dove grey. Her hat is cashmere decorated with handmade feather flowers.

As jewel , she is wearing an orchid brooch on her coat, a gift from Mappin Webb and Waterford for the 60th anniversary of coronation. The flowers are hand cut Waterford crystal, the brooch contains 66 diamonds and rose gold stamens.


Schmuck und Juwelen der Deutsche Fürstenhäuser | Royal Jewels – Historical Jewerly and Treasure of Royals and Aristocracy | bijoux historiques| исторические драгоценности